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Sometimes it’s difficult to be sure if you are utilising the best options when it comes to your side dishes and core garnish needs.

This section will simply highlight 3 core flavours every week which are in abundance and at their best value for the week ahead.

It’s time to see what the GP fairy has captured this coming week.
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    Catering Mushroom

    If you are making Duxelle, Puree, Soup or anything where a catering mushroom can be used make sure you order them as they will save your GP over a normal button or closed cup.

    They are not old mushroom they are just ones that fall out of grade slightly.

    They will definitely be perfect for the job ahead.

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    Chantaney Carrots

    Petite and truly magical our native Chantaney Carrots will be able to offer a unique shape and flavour to any creation they touch.

    This week they are so very affordable and should be investigated.

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    Long, slender and packed full of flavour the almighty leek is a hero in disguise.

    Many treat this forgotten flavour as a commodity but the inner beauty a cheeky leek holds is magnificent.

    Grown by Seddon Leeks they are remarkable and very affordable this week why not make them the star of the plate.

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