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It's Here...

The rhubarb season is now in full swing don't delay you need to get it combined into your menus as much as possible.

The season should last until the early part of April so get planning.

If you want to make chutney, jams, compote get in touch we can get Robert Tomlinson to pick grade 2 which is perfect for the job **Grade 2 picked to order**

Glide your eyes below to be inspired....

So Then What’s Totally Outrageous This Week ??

  • Shutterstock 220721464
    Chanterelle Mushrooms
  • Shutterstock 560706238
    Red Meat Radish
  • Shutterstock 1191419845
    Wood Hedgehog Mushroom
  • Shutterstock 1175173846
    Parsley Root
  • Shutterstock 639722245
    Early Season Morel
  • Dav 4103
    Blood Oranges
  • Shutterstock 577889848
    Castel Franco Lettuce - Please Call
  • Dav 9081
    Blue Meat Radish
  • Shutterstock 431026936
    Tahoon Cress (Beech Nut Flavour)
  • Dav 3551
    Forced Yorkshire Rhubarb
  • Shutterstock 102410518
    White Asparagus
  • Snapshotsimg3
    Passe De Crassan Pear - Please Call
  • Shutterstock 648623005
    Marinda Tomatoes - Please Call
  • Shutterstock 451930264
    Large Leafy Navelina Orange
  • Shutterstock 67428223
    January King Cabbage

Why Not Try Something Ultra-Special ??

There Is Lots To Try...

  • Chicken Liver Pate
    Chicken Liver Parfait - Taste of the Lakes
  • Shutterstock 107180621
    Quail Eggs
  • Cooked Ham Whole
    Sliced Ham - Taste of the Lakes
  • Shutterstock 7240861151
    Nutella Stuffed Gnocchi Doughnuts
  • Shutterstock 123117805
    Dried Shitake
  • Shutterstock 1071963389
    Butchers String

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