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Who Is This Week's WINNER!!!

Our weekly draw is gathering pace now, every week our social channels & upload form (below) are in constant demand as pictures from all areas land hoping to be crowned our most coveted accolade of upload hero of the week.

Some previous winners are now at it again as they continually inspire our minds with there creations.

There is no limit to how many times you enter, our winners are crowned with the prize of a Delifresh chef jacket or t-shirt (as required) along with apron, once claimed this will arrive especially for you.

So next time you finish that most amazing plate take a snap and upload it for your chance to win!

Get Snap Happy & Remember Upload Or Tag As You Go
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Could It Be You ???

Hero Of The Week -**Whippet&Pickle **

The Social Slice is a continuous connection with your kitchen as chefs from across the North are tagging us in during every hour of the day - If you want the opportunity to win a groovy prize simply tag us in on any social platform or use the upload form below - Congratulations to the team at the Whippet & Pickle as this most delightful picture hit our senses late one night this week as a cheeky Instagram tag made our thoughts ignite. Charred Mackerel - Beetroot & Horseradish Mousse - Puffed Grains & Seeds - Celeriac Remoulade what an amazing creation this is - For your continued dedication to the Refresh and social connection you can stand tall as you have been awarded our upload hero of the week - Congratulations

You Have To Be In It To WIN It Upload A Dish NOW

Send Us A Nudge...

You don't have to send a picture of a dish to win it can be anything kitchen related so use your imagination!!!!

Simply upload your image below if you don't want to tag us in on Social Media.

It's easy to do so you can even use your phone or tablet to take the image and upload in one swipe.

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