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The George At Piercebridge

The team at the George nestled in the most awesome Piercebridge are true Delifresh warriors.

Their commitment to the season is inspiring to see along with their continued commitment to the Refresh really excites our senses.

Of late they have been engaging even further as Matt our internal seasonal informer has been inspiring the team daily with all that's truly mesmerising.

The George has recently gone through some awesome refurbishment and if you are ever passing make sure you pop in to say hello but also sample their seasonal dedication.

If you too want Matt to add you to his contact list just drop an email into seasonalinformer@delifreshltd.co.uk and matt will be in touch.


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Oh My Word!!!

You need to check out this most visual video.

A demonstration on how to separate berries into individual druplets without rupturing the skin. Serve chilled for a dense, chewy texture, or full thawed for bursting druplets.

The idea is amazing and definitely worth a try.

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