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Inspirational Fig Madness !!!

This mysterious fruit is often forgotten and misunderstood the time has arrived to bring this glorious seasonal offering to the forefront our minds as we refresh our senses around all things figs.

Let's get to grips with what some call the lover fruit – this is so exciting I'm off for a fig roll.

Figs have a 55 per cent natural sugar content, making them the sweetest of all fruits.

Figs are considered to be the first cultivated crop, and their prevalence dates all the way back to prehistoric times.

What we call the fruit is actually inverted clusters of tiny flowers. The actual fruit is what most of us call the seeds.

Long used as a laxative, figs rely on an enzyme that reacts in the bowel, rather than fibre to achieve the desired effect. Fig sap can curdle milk for a primitive type of cheese.

Figs are pollinated by female wasps, who lose their wings in the process of pollination. The kamikaze wasps bury into the fig through the hole in the top of the flower bud. Once in, the wasp has no way to get out so they lay thier eggs and so then die inside, the fig's enzymes break down and dissolve the wasp which in turn pollinates the fig and boosts it into peak ripeness (wowza)

The Chinese believe the fig is a fruit of fertile properties and one single lucky fig can remove wrinkles in an instant.

Legend holds myths of a young Chinese bloke called Cortina Figshi, randomly named Cortina was a top fella but had a complex around his ageing skin. One day whilst out scuttering around his village he bumped into a blossoming fig tree humming with excitement.

Intrigued Cortina climbed the tree to find the humming noise coming from one lonesome fig (maybe from a double wasp impact) Eager Cortina snaffled the fig away and sunk his teeth deeply into its mysterious flesh, revealing severe sweet notes and a sharp intense sting.

Now falling Cortina collapsed and fell rapidly from the tree hitting the ground with impact. Upon revival, the village celebrated as Cortinas skin was miraculously wrinkle free – was it the impact - was it the fig or a nasty wasp hidden inside that cured the skin complex who knows ??

What is known is that ever since that day figs have been found to calm and in some cases cure skin complexities – Cortina went into business selling these flowering buds as a cure to all his pals and soon retired a happy man.

How radical is all of that ??

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