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The Excitment...

Autumn flavours are firmly in situ and the engine room is full of outstanding autumnal options.

This short snappy season won't hang around for long so dont delay.

Keep your eyes firmly stuck to Your Refresh to be continually INSPIRED as we move closer to Winter...

How Exciting...
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It’s Wild Mushroom Time

Amazing news as we are now keeping the 1kg Special Mixed Wild Mushrooms in stock - All you need to do is state the above while ordering.

Other amazing varieties are in good supply (see below)

Fresh Truffle is now a preorder option as new season winter white truffle starts to arrive.

  • Cepes03
  • Chanterelle Ddd
    Yellow Legged Chanterelle
  • Shutterstock 1149245054
    Pied De Bleu
  • G Iirolle2222 Vv
  • Trompette44
  • Mush
    Special Mixed x 1kg

Apple & Pears

The UK season is here and now is the time to embrace some amazing UK varieties.

Keep your eyes peeled as we celebrate the UK season to the MAX.

  • Shutterstock 526640050
    Apple - Russet - UK
  • Shutterstock 3080883741
    Apple - Cox - UK
  • Shutterstock 7959641621
    Apple - Worcester - UK
  • Img 6877
    Comice Pear - UK
  • Shutterstock 48487708
    Conference Pear - UK

Why Not Try Something Ultra-Special ??

There Is Lots To Try...

  • Shutterstock 7525975271
    Yuzu Juice
  • Pancetta Lardons 1
    Diced Pancetta
  • Salted Caramel Ice Cream
    Salted Caramel Ice Cream - VEGAN
  • Shutterstock 222670258
    Truffle Oil
  • Salmon Terrine
    Smoked Salmon Terrine
  • Hfc
    Harrogate Fruit Cake

Its Simple To Find Your Way Around

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