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Hot, Hot, Hot !!!

With intense rays brings excitement to all things summer enthused.

We are in peak season for many things and it’s easy to become inspired.

Cast your eyes down to feel your cells twitch with excitement as this weeks most awesome flavours come alive before your eyes.

How Exciting Is All Of This ???
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So Then What’s Totally Radical ??

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    Round Yellow Courgettes **Wednesday**

    These most awesome round courgettes are colourful and ready to excite.

    Courgettes, in general, are a wonderful thing and often overlooked but when was the last time you used a round option ??

    Slice them to offer an alternative shape or get them stuffed for added excitement .

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    Bramley Apples **In Stock**

    After a short break, the UK season for this almighty cooking apple has returned and we thought we should tell all.

    The season is very slow to start but the quality is outstanding and you can now return to creating your sauce, pies, crumble and all things nice again.

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    White Peaches **Pre Order**

    There is no better feeling than sinking your teeth deep into a white peach.

    The initial rush of floral flavours enhance your senses and then a sweet hit just simply blows your mind.

    Ripe and ready for action order a box for Thursday delivery. y

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    Mini Girolles **In Stock**

    The girolle season is on fire and the mini girolle is here and ready to excite.

    These are imported from afar as we may not see any Scottish girolle this year due to the heat.

    If you love to pickle your girolles these are mini in size and perfect for the job.

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    Romanesco **In Stock**

    The alien has landed once again as the UK season for romanesco is back.

    There are some colourful cauliflower options around which are imported but we have parked these while we concentrate on our native alien as it invades our shores once again.

    Bake, steam, blanch, pickle, use raw the options are endless its time to release that nutty flavour once again.

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    Green Gages **In Stock**

    Oh, my word the most outstanding greengage is back for another snappy season.

    These green and intense gages are the world famous Reine Claude Veritable variety and are truly fabulous.

    Get them baked whole, candid, pureed, pickled, used raw - whichever way suits they will most definitely excite.

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    Cepe **In Stock**

    Along with mini girolles there is a flush of cepes which host that most marvellous flavour profile that will defiantly keep you awake at night.

    The season for cepe is swift at this time of year so make sure you order now to capture these bold and fantastic mushrooms as once they are sold there will be no more for a while (possibly)

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    Fennel Flowers **In Stock**

    That aniseed hit from such a small flower head is back to excite your senses.

    Fennel crowns not only look beautiful they taste totally radical.

    A perfect match for fish, meat even chocolate they are something you most definitely look at.

  • Cresss
    Mixed Living Cress **In Stock**

    If you love micro green and only ever buy the cut punnets then you need to take a look at this mixed box of goodness.

    The flavours and varieties change upon every delivery and the selection offers great variety.

    With it still alive just simply keep the base moist and at a coolish temperature it will last for over a week if required.

Wild Mushrooms

What wild mushrooms maybe around this week - Take a look below dont miss out on the 1kg mixed wild mixes....

Chicken Of The Woods Mushroom Shot Full
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Why Not Try Something Ultra-Special ??

With countless fresh flavours landing in our engine room daily it would be a disaster if we didn’t inform you of a few cheeky speciality ingredients that are also on true form this week.

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    Sliced Pepperoni **In Stock**

    It's not just for pizzas!!! Although we all like a cheeky bit of pepperoni on a bubbling hot mozzarella stacked crisp pizza base.

    Our new supplier of pepperoni has done the UK proud of the quality of this pepperoni is outstanding. Perfect for many things and when you see the quality it holds your mind will go into overdrive.

    Have you ever crisped it up and tried it cold (oh my word) it adds texture and some most awesome flavours. Simply get a pack on order today !!!

  • Burts
    Burts Blue Cheese **In Stock**

    This new and exciting semi-soft in textured cows milk cheese is a mysterious but totally awesome blue-veined cheese that needs to be tried.

    Burts cheeses hand create some fantastic cheese and this new addition to our range is exciting news.

    Stand tall and welcome this most delightful addition to our cheese extravaganza make sure you order a piece to try.

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    Cones **In Stock**

    Seen as though we have been going ice cream crazy these past few weeks did you know we actually sell ice cream cones ??

    We stock a selection of sizes ready for action if you want to be a tad more exciting with your frozen ice you need to check these out.

    Sample Ball - These are mini cones ideal for canape or kids dessert
    Single Ball Sugar Cone – The name says it all!!!
    Vesuvio – This is a waffle three baller we even sell the pirouette tuiles to garnish them.

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Chicken Of The Woods Mushroom Shot Full
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Big Tom Tomato Mix Lineup
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