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You Found It....

Time is challenging for many, so if you are in a rush but want to keep refreshed you have navigated to the right place as our fast reader page is designed for you.

Simply swipe away and let your eyes slide down the refresh in one page, once you have more time come back for a deeper look around to find out all the juicy info.

Speed reading is a skill that most of us host but how many can speed skate ?? (this is getting random) Cast your eyes below and feel your cells ignite as your eyes capture glimpses of all things nice

Speedy Gonzales....
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Get Ready 1, 2, 3 Go, Go, GO!!!!

What’s AMAZING This Week???

  • Shutterstock 1179895315
    Red Chicory **It's BACK**
  • Shutterstock 1620422961
    Sprout Tops
  • Shutterstock 676583944
    Medjool Dates
  • Shutterstock 723282373
    Pickled Girolle **Yep - PICKLED - wow**
  • Shutterstock 615598493
    Dutch Forced Rhubarb
  • Shutterstock 133653647
    Large Leaf Spinach
  • Shutterstock 94868236
    Purple Sprouting Broccoli
  • Shutterstock 1224379258
    Fresh Quince
  • Shutterstock 334345919
    Piccolo Parsnip
  • Shutterstock 357354185
  • Shutterstock 119045215
  • Shutterstock 679276453
    Red Cabbage

Why Not Try Something Ultra-Special ??

With countless fresh flavours landing in our engine room daily it would be a disaster if we didn’t inform you of a few cheeky speciality ingredients that are also on true form this week.

  • Shutterstock 727080781
    Fresh Turkey Stock
  • Shutterstock 517935340
    Mini Mince Pies
  • Parfait
    Chicken Liver Parfait
  • Shutterstock 520143064
    Christmas Puddings
  • Shutterstock 163464506
    Brandy Sauce
  • Shutterstock 149481536
    Damson Membrillo

Save Your GP Trust The Fairy

  • Shutterstock 1134303626
  • Shutterstock 5019258491
    Ruby Beetroot
  • Shutterstock 753089683
    Jerusalem Artichokes

Do You Really Want To Miss It ???

Dont Miss Out On Some Inspirational Facts.

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Come On You Know You Want To

Click Me!!!

Someone Say Free ???

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Risotto Rice Giveaway!!!

Show me the Offer

We Are Feeling SOUPY...

  • Shutterstock 1182875533
    Butternut & Coconut Shard Soup
  • Shutterstock 1182875533
    Butternut & Confit Garlic & Bean Soup
  • Shutterstock 269502911
    Butternut & Red Lentil Soup (Vegan)
  • Shutterstock 298396184
    Rose Harrissa & Butternut Soup
  • Shutterstock 409170664
    Butternut & Fallen Apple Soup
  • Shutterstock 737196337
    Raw Honey & Butternut Veloute Toasted Hazelnuts
  • Shutterstock 738805186
    Butternut, Blue Cheese & Almond Soup (Sounds Weird It's Awesome!!!)
  • Shutterstock 320220107
    Butternut & Tamerind Soup Smoked Tofu
  • Shutterstock 111117023
    Classic Roasted Butternut, Thyme & Soured Cream.

Don’t Get Caught Out

  • Shutterstock 137478764
  • Shutterstock 1148752118
    Green Tender Stem Broccoli
  • Shutterstock 1227754297
  • Shutterstock 723282373
    Girolle Mushrooms
  • Shutterstock 1181238799
  • Shutterstock 647239081

Hero Of The Week - **Unknown Hero**

We have another anonymous entry this week!!!! We cant beilieve it either whats going on. The early and we mean crazy early hours our upload platform sparked into life as this very cheeky image got uploaded by someone. Rather puzzled but in love with the creation we are once again on a mission to find out who this belongs too. If the prize isn’t claimed we once again have ourselves a ROLL OVER (Wowwwza) Get your images uploaded for a double prize award next week !!!!


The Herriot Awards celebrate the north's most exceptional food enthused establishments, producers & people and its great to be involved in the awards every year.

This year brought people together for a fantastic awards presentation a few weeks back.

A massive Congratulations to all who were shortlisted and of course the winners - Especially the Bay Tree at Stillington for picking up Best Pub Food, If you are ever in the area make sure you pop in to sample their seasonal delights.

Att 2 27

Time For Giving....

The Delifresh wider community is close to our hearts as we embrace & support many charities and people across the UK who are much less fortunate than ourselves.

This Christmas our fantastic team of people are donating toys and gifts in aid of Bradford Hospitals’ Charity.

This amazing team of people look after the Children & Young People Unit, Neonatal Unit, Children’s Outpatients Department, Community Team, Child Development Centre and Children’s Accident and Emergency Department also Wow.

All these departments together will support over 500 + children and young people that will be in care over the festive period and they need our help.

All three Delifresh facilities are joining together to donate gifts from all three areas giving the charity much love and support, plus toys for this incredible cause.

For anyone in the hospital it’s a traumatic time but being in Hospital over Christmas can be one of the worst times and with a little thought and a present from Santa can make some incredible difference.

Our people have donated lots, but we thought as part of the Delifresh family would you also like to join in with our mission to bring much joy and give a gift as well.

If you would like to join in simply fill in the below form and our chariots can pick the gift up making sure its delivered in good time to bring many smiles on the big day.

Shutterstock 533985694

Wow Give It A Go...

If you want to get involved with making your own Tofu then make sure you check this video out.

We know its cheap and easy to purchase (we sell lots even smoked !!!)

Why not give it a go and try to make it yourself

Go On Take Some Time & Have A Click Around