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What's Tricky This Coming Week ???

With produce travelling from all corners of the globe there is always something you should stay away from.

This page is designed to ensure you don’t get caught out by listing something on your menu when supply is proving slightly tricky.

Fresh produce revolves around the climate so changes happen frequently, make sure you come back every week to find out what will be difficult during the coming week.

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How In Danger Are Our Deer This Week???

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    Imported celery is proving extremely difficult and horrifically expensive due to high demand across Europe and beyond.

    The UK season is not due until at least mid-June so we could be in for a slightly bumpy ride for the next few weeks - Keep your eyes peeled to Watch Out as we will keep you updated.

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    Chanterelle Mushrooms

    Supply of yellow & grey chanterelle has started to dry up as damp conditions in the wild across the water are causing quality problems with this so very tasty wild option.

    The American season takes over soon but to be honest we will stay clear as the environmental concerns around air freight wild mushroom concerns us.

    The UK pick will be back mid-September so its best to wait until then.

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    Peppers of all colours are becoming expensive due to the salad bowl's season (Spain) starting to come to a close.

    The next country to produce peppers is Holland and these are still not ready which is causing prices to rocket as demand is extremely high.

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    The uncertainty around Brexit looms on as people are becoming increasingly nervous around the implications a no deal Brexit could have on our beloved land.

    At this stage, we can only communicate we are working hard to plan for either situation, as news starts to emerge closer to the deadline we will be able to update you further.

    Logistics back to the UK will most definitely bring the most prominent challenge which could be very much out of our control.

    We are working extremely hard with our logistical department to plan/avoid limited effect if a situation arose. We will of course update with any news as we receive it...

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    The imported crop of Lovage is causing concern at the moment as supply has been slightly sporadic over the last few days.

    Speaking to our importer the crop abroad is depleted making availability troublesome.

    All we need is a tad bit of sun and the UK herb season will bolt into action, until then be mindful Lovage isn't grown in volume abroad so this will be one of the first flavours to disappear until our native crop is ready.

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    Trompette Mushroom

    Black Trompette mushrooms have come to a close as the season just like the chanterelles above has come to a brisk close.

    Hold tight and wait until September for the next pick from European forests - If you are desperate we can bring trompette back from America but is that right ???

    Why not try and utilise a dried option or switch your wild mushroom choice until their return.

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