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It's A Bit Damp

The weather has certainly taken a turn over the last ten days and it feels like we are back to a typical March climate.

Looking at reports the wind is going to increase which will knock all the emerging blossom away resulting in a possible wild disaster!!!

It's not all bad news though as the early new season asparagus is inbound very shortly - There are flutters about but the price for this is extremely high if you want more information please get in touch this is extremely early for the UK crop though

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So Then What’s Totally Awesome This Week ??

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  • Shutterstock 292694849
    **New Season** Jersey Royals
  • Strawberry Gariguette X2Kg 15 03 17
    Marmandise Gariguette **Pre Order**
  • Szechuan
    Szechuan Button
  • Shutterstock 189610820
    Wild Garlic
  • Shutterstock 80378095
    Grelot Onions
  • Shutterstock 175507622
    Leafy Unwaxed Orange
  • Atsina
    Atsina Cress
  • Shutterstock 223404121
    Rainbow Chard
  • Shutterstock 1033449700
    Red Chicory
  • Shutterstock 98917229
    Mini Onions - Red, White, Gold Skins
  • Shutterstock 85889563
    Blood Orange **Finishing Soon**

What's All This About ??

With the mushroom world hotting up we are seeing some amazing mushrooms at the moment and we need to share some mushroom vibes

Come back weekly to find out whats the best for the week ahead...

Why Not Try Something Ultra-Special ??

There Is Lots To Try...

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    Lishmans Black Pudding
  • Shutterstock 1148517053
  • Shutterstock 720171811
    Guindilla Peppers
  • Shutterstock 255240565
    Agave Syrup
  • Coffee Pag6 Large
    Mini Canneloni Choco & Coco Rolls
  • Shutterstock 554761006
    Mutti Pizza Sauce

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