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Total GP Winners.....

Sometimes it’s difficult to be sure if you are utilising the best options when it comes to your side dishes and core garnish needs.

This section will simply highlight 3 core flavours every week which are in abundance and at their best value for the week ahead.

It’s time to see what the GP fairy is conjuring up this coming week.
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    Jerusalem Artichokes **In Stock**

    For all the facts you may ever need about Jerusalem Artichokes head on over to Did You Know you will be totally shocked to read about their existence.

    If you are hunting for a flavour which is remarkable, intense and unbelievably versatile then this week the GP fairy has sniffed out a total GP saving option.

    The time has come to get involved with the remarkable Jerusalem Artichoke.

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    Hispi Cabbage **In Stock**

    This most radical of cabbages is, in fact, a sweetheart cone cabbage it comes under a host of additional names such as Sweet Cone, Crisp Heart, Rocket Cone, Sweet Delight and many more.

    They are all the same as people name them to confuse things. Anyway, Hispi is fantastic this week, and truly affordable.

    Don’t miss out get it charred and utilised.

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    Parsnips **In Stock**

    With the ground becoming colder there are some rock hard and fantastically sweet parsnips around at the moment.

    One warrior is juicing and splitting the liquid to use in something that is entirely mind-boggling (we may reveal all next week)

    Until then make sure you are using parsnips they will blow your cells

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