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Whats The Wild Got For Us This Week ??

This past week saw a trip of a lifetime as 25 + chefs from the North East joined with us to locate James in the rolling hills of Northumberland.

The excitement was immense, the passion for the wild was most incredible and we had a totally wild time – so much so we haven't been able to sleep for the rest of the week.

For all that attended we praise you for your commitment to the wild and the embracement as delifresh warriors that you give.

To those who missed out on the opportunity of a lifetime flick your eyes back here next week to discover more about what went down on this most inspirational day.

The wild brings excitement, the wild is an untapped environment with so many inspirational opportunities it's crazy.

The time has come to join with us to celebrate all which is truly inspirational!!!
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    Heather Blossom **In Stock**

    Now we are getting deeper into the amazing game season heather blossom is a perfect garnish for all your game dishes.

    Although it adds a beautiful colour to the dish it also deliveries on the nose as its fragrant if heated.

    It will be around a good three weeks then will disappear for another year so make sure you get a punnet or two in to try before it vanishes for another year.

  • Sweet Ciceley Flower And Seed
    Sweet Cicely **Friday**

    We can't believe this either but sweet cicely has returned for another swift seasonal appearance.

    The intense sweetness that oozes from this mystical wild herb can bring some severe excitement to all it touches.

    Have you ever tried it with Crab??

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    Mixed Sea Vegetables **In Stock**

    With James off to the coast every week we thought it would be a most awesome idea if you could sample the best the week has to offer in an affordable mixed selection.

    This week the mixed salty flavours include sea beet, sea coriander, sea purslane and more have been picked in a secret location packed with love and ready to excite.

    These totally affordable and totally wild sea infused mixture of vegetables should be investigated.

  • Shutterstock 448581889
    Bladder Wrack **In Stock**

    If you need some fresh seaweed then you must investigate these punnets of freshly foraged bladderwrack.

    Make sure you give this weed a good wash even though James has already done so.

    Seaweed is a must if you are hunting for a garnish that can bring some great taste along with radical texture.

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    Forager Spice **In Stock**

    James has been busy in the woods over the last few weeks sniffing out all the fennel blossom he could find. He has picked enough to keep us going for a few months of this almighty fennel pollen.

    The pollen is dried then ground with added blossom and wild spice to give you a dust that will send your senses into overdrive.

    Get a few pots in – it lasts for over a year but once its all sold there won't be any until next year get yours now to avoid disappointment.

  • Shutterstock 730538902
    Rose Hip **Friday**

    The sweet flavour notes that can be extracted from these fantastic hips will send your mind into overdrive.

    As kids, they were perfect itching bombs but as culinarian experts you can gain some magical flavour from these ruby hips.

    Only available for 1 more week so get your pre-ordered they will sell fast !!!

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    Sweet Cicely Syrup **Exclusive**

    **New Product**

    Well what can we say about this most glorious concoction apart from its totally outstanding?

    This syrup has an ability to hold the plate well and is packed with that delicate aniseed touch that will send your cells into overdrive.

    Totally exclusive and Totally Wild, James you have most definitely created one of the best syrups ever !!!!

  • Shutterstock 703014676
    Dandelion Syrup **In Stock**

    We have been waiting a while for this to arrive but it’s now finally here Dandelion Petal Syrup.

    Wild petals have been picked, steeped and turned into this magical sticky syrup which at first thoughts may seem a tad crazy but give it a taste!!!

    The syrup will hold the plate and bring excitement to all it touches, great for a drizzle garnish, squeezed into your sauce or used to baste your meat - oh wow just think about that for a second.

  • Shutterstock 1098376742
    Elderflower Syrup **Exclusive**

    You will have noticed that the elderflower is now turning to berries and that floral flavour is now lost for another year.

    Well, don’t shed a tear just yet as James has collected a massive 400kg of flowers and turned them into a truly outstanding syrup. This outstanding floral syrup holds the plate and perfect for desserts and many other things - you need to give it a try.

    There is no point making your own when this is the best syrup in the planet.

  • Shutterstock 348876731
    Pine Needle Syrup

    James has had the ladders out this week as he stretched into the canopy collecting sweet and lemon in flavour pine needles to take back to his kitchen and create this sticky syrup that will most definitely excite.

    The needles from this particular pine variety hold a citrus twang that can be easily tasted in this awesome syrup.

    Pine is infused and reduced in a secret concoction of ingredients to create a syrup which holds the plate and is amazing for dressings, garnish, flavour enhancing, basting even awesome behind the bar – order a bottle today to find out for yourself

    DON’T MISS THIS you need to try it

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    Birch Sap Syrup **In Stock**

    James has been slowly maturing his harvested birch sap which he tapped back in April.

    It has now been reduced to a most delightful syrup that is packed with a sophisticated sweet flavour like you have never tasted before.

    Birch sap can only be tapped for a very short period once a year and if you wanted to make a syrup out of 200lites you would probably get only around 200ml so you can easily see how much Birch sap has been used to create this syrup.

    Make sure you buy a bottle to try...

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Sweet Ciceley Flower And Seed
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