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Inspirational Jerusalem Artichoke Madness !!!

Let's see how easy it is to send your cells into a cryptic overdrive as they try and untangle these fantastic juicy facts around something which we must have all tasted and used before, but probably never taken the time to understand the facts around its existence.

Here we go are you ready for this:-

Despite its name the Jerusalem artichoke has NO relationship to Jerusalem, and it is not actually a type of artichoke!!! Which is just mind-blowing although the two are distantly related as members of the daisy family.

The trusty tuber cant be classed as a starch and for all those years that people have scollded "Put some artichoke on the dish as a starch" you are so wrong. The artichoke holds so little amount of starch you can't class it as a starch addition.

Some refer to the trusty tuber as Sun Root, Sun Choke even as Earth Apple - How cool would that sound on your menu ??

The much-loved artichoke is, in fact, a wild sunflower starting life out as an invasive weed in Northeast America.

With nobody close who knows why its first name is Jerusalem, we did some serious digging and found a story of a young Arab chap called Mordechai Meshulan who went on his jollies to get his knees out on the Canadian border many moons ago.

Crafty Mordechai somehow found his way by raft to Northeast America (wowza) once landed he set off to find the new Jerusalem.

After a bit of wondering about he quickly stumbled upon a field full of glowing sunflowers and fell to the ground in sheer awe.

Mordechai's knees weren't the best and he couldn’t stand back up and found himself crippled for hours - Whilst knee bent he scrabbled in the dirt unearthing some most awesome tubers which he thought were apples and quickly stuffed his pockets full as he awaited rescue.

The days and night's quickly passed and several days later now somewhat weak Mordechai was found and shouted out in defence "I'm looking for New Jerusalem" clutching his earth apples.

Ever since this day, the name Jerusalem stuck firmly with this trusty tuber and world production began – Mordechia you are a true legend anyone for Veloute ???

How radical is all of that ??

Check This Out !!!!

Surfing about for Artichoke info we came across this most amazing video and needed to share - Wowzzaa

Who can spot the artichokes ???

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