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What's Tricky This Coming Week ???

With produce travelling from all corners of the globe there is always something you should stay away from.

This page is designed to ensure you don’t get caught out by listing something on your menu when supply is proving slightly tricky.

Fresh produce revolves around the climate so changes happen frequently, make sure you come back every week to find out what will be difficult during the coming week.

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How Naughty Is Our Cheeky Clicker Baby Croc This Week!!!

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    The UK parsnip supply is struggling of late due to stored crops coming to an end.

    Parsnips in supply have been out of the fields since last October now and as volumes running dry things are becoming slightly troublesome.

    the Spanish crop is around three weeks away so we may have a bumpy few weeks ahead...

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    The trusty leeks are going to start to cause a little pain over the next few weeks as a switch from UK leek into French is imminent.

    This annual move will affect the price as the imported crop becomes the main supply.

    Watch out as leeks will become expensive for around 4 weeks

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    Large and regular onions are starting to rocket in price due to a cross over in season between Chilian and Spanish seasons.

    Prices are going to ROCKET so please be careful and use your onions wisely.

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