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Inspirational Cinnamon Madness !!!

As we all rapidly move forward into darker nights and more heartwarming food the trusty spice known by all will be making a reappearance for many.

But did you know this dried up quail holds tales and dangerous compounds that we should all be aware around!!!

There are two types of Cinnamon and the one that we are all used to is, in fact, the dangerous type !!

We can already feel that cinnamon is rumbling your cells as this news is simply too much for some. A toxic chemical compound named Courmarin hides out in the dried up bark, this cheeky toxin makes consuming large quantities of cinnamon a dangerous and most terrible option - In fact, this cheeky compound can be dangerous for pregnant women so be careful!!!

Rubbing your skin with Cinnamon oil will prevent nasties from feasting on you due to the horrific taste and the fact it destroys most larva – When out in the wild walking the cats get your cinnamon oil on your arms!!! (cats really??)

Back in the day, a Cinnamon stick was at least 15 times more expensive than Silver!!! These days its cheaper than a bag of chips….

We all should know that cinnamon is, in fact, a bark from a 20ft tree that grows wild through Asia and beyond.

Legends hold stories of a Roman emperor who burned stacks of cinnamon to try and say sorry for killing his own wife!!!

Deep one night a tricky argument erupted between Emperor Nero and his young wife around him spending too much time at the horses!! Loaded emperor Nero suddenly decided to boot his wife in the stomach so hard that she imploded and unfortunately died instantaneously.

Emperor Nero panicked (as you would) and was horrified by his actions and to atone for the accidental murder, he gathered together as much cinnamon as he could lay his murderous fingers on. Nero decided to build a bonfire out of the dried up spice and torched it at the funeral party.

Now for us these days this seems a tad random, but given the fact that in those dark and ancient times Cinnamon was a much rarer commodity and this sparking bonfire was worth a total fortune.

Nero wasn’t punished for the murder as he owned all the jails, but in some weird and twisted logic - Murderous Nero thought the burning of a stack of cinnamon would suffice in showing his dead wife how sorry he was.

Random we know but goes to show its value (It would have been cheaper for Nero to simply do a Cinnamon Challenge !!!)

How radical is all of that ??

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