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Welcome All ...

For those new to this most inspirational refresh zone - We welcome you to our weekly creative vibes.

The refresh is here to inspire all our minds and to make sure our cells are fully aligned. For those warriors amongst us returning on the hunt for your weekly inspirational fix there is plenty to get stuck into this week - so get ready!!

This week has been a radical time, we hosted the first refresh event - Shimmy on over to the Chef's News page to find out what went down it was Totally Wild !!!

Our commitment to spreading seasonal inspiration has also been in full swing this week as our Veggiecation programme hit over 300 students in Scarborough, 146 in Newcastle and an additional 203 in Boroughbridge as we inspired the younger generation of our wider community around all things fresh produce and seasonal.

It’s without a doubt that our kitchens are a fast-paced, exciting and totally RED HOT environments where time can be our biggest hurdle. It’s easy for our minds to become in a pickle as we battle to maintain standards and be most creative at all times.

The Refresh is here for you and can offer that inspirational fix no matter where you are.

Let’s top up our creative reservoirs together and find out what’s most awesome this coming week.

We Have Listened...

Along with all the inspiring areas which this week's refresh holds one thing to make sure you do is hunt out Golden Del Boy.

Engaging with Golden Del can only be a good thing as the more you engage the more offers will start to flow as we task Golden Del to spend his time on our planet hunting down the most radical of offers.

Make sure you sniff out Golden Del as he has a Refresh only offer this week that will make your eyes bulge out of their sockets with excitement.

Buy One Get One ????