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Golden Who ???

The time has come to stand together and welcome Golden Del Boy back for another appearance.

Golden Del loves to hunt down a cheeky offer that you will save multiple pounds with.

Most weeks – not every week Golden Del Boy will appear giving you the opportunity to win MASSIVELY.

It's easy to save as long as you place the order through the refresh there is no holding you back.

Golden Del has it all, he holds the lingo, he has the charm, he is pretty crazy and he who dares most definitely wins - so what are you waiting for???

Enjoy this weeks Golden Del Boy’s giveaway – “You Know It Makes Sense”
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“What's Golden Del Offering This Week ???”

How Exciting Is This!!!

Blue Roll Giveaway !!!!

Go on take another look - It's true you did read it right!!!!

This week Golden Del Boy is offering you the chance to buy 1 x 6 Blue Centre Feed Roll and if you buy one case you get a full case TOTALLY FREE.

Fill in your details below to save.

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