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Ready To Excite !!!

This coming week will bring some fantastic wild mushrooms that will blow your senses into another dimension.

Just simply slide your eyes through the below and get involved with these most outstanding wild mushroom options for the week ahead.

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  • Girolle3
    Girolle **In Stock**

    The time has come to venture into the long girolle season which lies in front of us all.

    The quality, grading is great and it’s only going to get better as we move deeper into the season.

    Prices are affordable and are falling weekly. The trusty girolle is the best priced wild mushroom option at the moment.

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    Trompettes **Thursday**

    The black trompette should be available at the end of the week as we have heard that their trumpet-shaped structure has been spotted poking through the moss in deepest Russia.

    If you are interested in their arrival just give us a call to find out closer to the time if they have been picked and transported in time for this weeks shipment which wild infused flavours.

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    Mousseron **In Stock**

    Fairy Rings are on fire at the moment the quality of the caps is amazing, they are sweet in flavour and should be used.

    Show them some foaming butter and they will transform, sink them into pickling liquor to preserve them.

    Tip them over and check out their delicate gills it’s easy to see why the fairies love these fun guys so much.

    They are visually impeccable and ultra-tasty.

  • Chicken Of The Woods Mushroom Shot Full
    Chicken Of The Wood **If Available**

    For those lucky ones amongst us last week saw some crazy foraged chicken of the wood arrive.

    This deep flavoured meaty mushroom is a mushroom that can not be ignored, slice and sauté to add a texture like nothing else on the planet.

    The season will be swift and James is out there as you read this hunting it down it especially for you, so make sure you get yours pre ordered to avoid disappointment.

  • Shutterstock 571129444
    Black Summer Truffle **In Stock**

    This interesting truffle is now a stock mushroom as the price has become affordable and with totally outstanding quality it here in great volume so don'tmiss out.

    The summer season brings various varieties and its easy to fall into that trap of buying by price.

    The team at Truffle Hunter hand select our truffles to ensure we always have the finest flavour and best quality for you when you require.

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    King Oyster **In Stock**

    If you are looking for something that hosts a meaty texture, robust and bold in flavour then the trusty king oyster is the mushroom for you.

    Grown in closed loop systems they are harvested at the perfect size to offer many uses.

    Some people slice and sauté, cook whole but just recently we have witnessed them cooked and then pressed. The availability and size consistency is great which makes them a perfect choice.

Shutterstock 87032531
Chicken Of The Woods Mushroom Shot Full
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