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Sometimes it’s difficult to be sure if you are utilising the best options when it comes to your side dishes and core garnish needs.

This section will simply highlight 3 core flavours every week which are in abundance and at their best value for the week ahead.

It’s time to see what the GP fairy is conjuring up this coming week.
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    Class Two Lime **In Stock**

    If all you do with you lime is squeeze the juice then let our GP fairy save you some money as we always carry a stock of squeezing limes ready to save your GP.

    Class two limes are a great option as they are fully ripe and packed full of juice, perfect for the bar or if you are simply after that tart sour juice order class 2 and pay around half price of a normal lime.

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    Melon Madness **In Stock**

    Watermelon, Charente, Honeydew, Gallia, are all in amazing supply and won’t break the GP.

    Logistics with melon can be troublesome at certain points in the year but with the European season in full swing now is truly the time to celebrate their existence and start to use melon on every thing you can.

    Don’t miss your opportunity to serve up some Vandyke (did we really just type that)

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    Black Cabbage **In Stock**

    UK new season Black cabbage is on great form at the moment.

    It may not be as cheap as savoy or white cabbage but what Cavelo Nero can offer is a more structured leaf with a different flavour profile.

    This week it's mega affordable so you need to make sure you order some and not miss out.

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