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What do you know about Papaya??

Join with us to blow your mind as we venture into the mystic world of the most deliciously sweet, soft butter like textured flesh which hosts musky honey undertones.

It's no wonder this incredible fruit was reputably called the “Fruit Of The Angels”

History around Papaya is mystic. Legend holds stories of a single papaya tree being found growing in a secluded cove protected by fierce animals. Young tribesmen fought these deadly beasts, stole the fruit and along the journey home gorged on its buttery flesh whilst dropping the many black seeds along the way.

Before long its was Papaya mania and the cultivation had begun.

The Black seeds of papaya have a sharp, peppery taste, they are used as a substitute for black pepper in some countries – Wow who is going to try that??

Eating too much papaya can cause the soles of your feet to temporarily turn yellow or orange – Oh dear!!!!

Unripe papaya contains an enzyme that’s been used to tenderize meat for thousands of years.

In many parts of the world, unripe papaya has been used for centuries by women as a natural contraceptive. BE CAREFUL when serving GREEN unripe fruits as not many people know this fact but often like to use Green Papaya to cook with (You know who you are).

Unripe fruits will ooze latex which can cause allergic reactions to many, so watch out when preparing them!!

The radical fruit is known as many things, papaya, pawpaw, tree melon, butter fruit, herb fruit, peppered seed melon and more.

The bear from jungle book loves pawpaw – don’t forget not to pick a prickly pear by your paw, when you pick a prickly pear try to use your claw, but you don’t need to use the claw when you pick a pear of the big juicy pawpaw!!! (sorry)

How radical is all of that ??

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