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UK Produce

Our continuous drive to support our specialist UK growers is stronger than ever before.

Although its freezing cold we have some amazing plans for the coming months as growers across the North are planning their spring/summer crops especially for you our dedicated warriors.

This fast-approaching warm season is going to be stacked with intriguing flavours from our native soil - Asparagus Peas anyone ???

Until the weather warms up there is plenty of seasonal beauties available so the time has come to Be Inspired

Glide your eyes below to reveal the excitment....
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So Then What’s Totally Radical This Week ??

  • Shutterstock 1239501742
  • Shutterstock 463251803
    Large Green Shiso
  • Shutterstock 1241609887
  • Shutterstock 90230656
    Golden Enoki
  • Shutterstock 93581599
    Meyer Lemon **Outrageous** (Wednesday)
  • Shutterstock 5798477621
    Purple Cauliflower
  • Shutterstock 577889848
    Castel Franco Lettuce
  • Dav 9081
    Blue Meat Radish
  • Shutterstock 190040675
    Calcot Onions - Available Wednesday
  • Dav 3551
    Forced Yorkshire Rhubarb
  • Shutterstock 1061230895
    Red Ramano Peppers
  • Snapshotsimg3
    Passe De Crassan Pear
  • Shutterstock 486587236
    COX Apple
  • Shutterstock 2098684031
  • Shutterstock 10309687451
    Pea Shoot

Why Not Try Something Ultra-Special ??

There Is Lots To Try...

  • Shutterstock 1152732911
    Dried Kombu
  • 0 Jep7799 2
    Burford Brown Eggs
  • Stocks
    Fresh Veal Stock - Taste Of The Lakes
  • Shutterstock 727024939
    Smoke Powder
  • Shutterstock 793702516
    Silver Birch Sap Syrup
  • Shutterstock 1178419033
    Vac Pack Bags - All Sizes

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