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Inspirational Orange Madness !!!

We think its safe to state that all of us at some point in our existence has had the pleasure of releasing that citrus burst of flavour as we peel back the piffy skin from a remarkable orange.

Well now is the time to take a bit of a deeper look into the reason they are on the planet.

Some might think this is slightly crazy but the orange is in fact classed as a berry (hesperidia to be exact)

One orange tree can create over 60,000 blossom petals but only 1% make it through to the fruiting stage.

Worldwide production of orange is humongous but only 12% of the volume grown is sold as whole fruit the rest goes off to the processing of juice.

Navel oranges get their name from the belly-button formation opposite the stem end.

Contrary to what most of us think, this fruit was not named for its colour. Instead, the word orange comes from a transliteration of the Sanskrit Naranga. Which comes from the Tamil Naru. Which means “fragrant & Colourful.” Wowza

If you have slug problem peel an orange and leave it in the garden, slugs can't stand that floral aroma that excretes from the skin.

Oranges were known as the fruits of the Gods - they were often referred to as the ‘golden apples’ that Hercules stole. Seems to be a bit of confusion there but hey!!!

Legend holds stories of a prehistoric fossil which had orange seeds inside being found in deepest China when a chap called Kitta Citru was searching for worms in the darkened forest.

Tricky Citru pocketed a crazy fossil and took it back to the village claiming it was a magic rock.

Upon returning home he was scolded with the rock as the villagers shouted (Dance, Magic - Dance) thinking he was completely wasting their time with his silly piffy rock

The rock was broken into pieces over poor Citru's head and he was sent on his way with a sore temple.

The prehistoric seeds were subjected to the moist misty air of the forest floor and soon blossomed into what could be described as the first orange grove the world had ever seen.

Citru you most definitely had it tough but the Greek gods loved you for it.

How radical is all of that ??

Dance, Magic, Dance

Do you think this song was inspired by poor Citru and his amazing orange seeds ???

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