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Inspirational Pineapple Madness!!!

How often have you taken a step back and actually thought about what a pineapple actually is, where does it come from and what makes it so ultra-special??

Well this week we are going to fill your brain with all the facts you may ever require around what too most is now a total commodity fruit.

Believe it or not but the trusty pineapple takes almost three years to grow and reach maturity.

Once the fruit is picked it instantly stops ripening so don’t be fooled that keeping the fruit for longer will produce a riper fruit as this is totally false – The fruit will be as ripe as it ever will be on day that the fruit is picked.

Don’t judge the ripeness by the colour of the skin - green, brown, golden, red the skin colour has nothing to do with the ripeness or flavour of the fruit.

Pineapples hold a magical property which can help fight infected body cells such as cancer infections. Bromelain, a proteolytic enzyme is hidden in high levels inside the sweet juicy flesh.

The fibre within a pineapple is used as a component for wallpaper – Woowza

Pineapples are actually classed as a berry.

In Hawaii they have a local competition to see who can lay on a bed of pineapple tops, the winner who stays flat and doesn't make a noise the longest wins $10,000 *How Prickley Is That*

How radical is all of that ??

Salt Crusted Roasted Pineapple ??

Check This Out - Salt crusted roasted pinepple dish.

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