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Radish Madness !!!

Gliding around the engine room the other day we came across a daily delivery of the most amazing Breakfast Radish.

The trusty radish is often forgotten about as it gets pushed to the back of the pile and never becomes the star of the show. With this in mind, we popped one into our mouth and it tickled our senses.

We know its not summer, we also know you might not find these to be the most inspirational ingredient but do you know the true facts around their existence ????

Here we go!!!!

The Radish is in fact classed as a root vegetable and part of the Brassicaceae family (Really??)

It’s often referred to as a bitter Tap-Root.

Grown for various reasons, not just food they make amazing foraging crops for roaming beasts, cover crops to aerate the soil in winter, grown to flower for oil production but most of all the good radish is grown in mass for their seeds which are classed as sprouting seeds.

They are shrouded in history and nobody really knows when they first came into existence but what is known early Romans loved a good peppery radish as they set up camp on their invasions.

Varieties of radish include Bunny Tail, Globe Trotter, Purple Hue, Cherry Belle, Snow Belle, in fact, there are over 200+ varieties all grown for a different purpose.

From germination to harvest can be as quick as one month (Wowwza)

If left in the ground the skins of the radish harden and bitter notes are produced rapidly – Harvesting at the correct time is imperative to get that perfect flavour and texture to an almighty radish that we all love.

Radish is packed with natural chemicals that give those peppery notes: glucosinolate, myrosinase, and isothiocyanate are the fellas which make your tongue tingle.

Why is the Bunny Tail called a breakfast radish ???

Looking back through history when the French started to produce this fantastic variety they made their way to market daily where stalls got erected selling pots of melted warm salted butter.

People flocked from miles around to buy a pot of gold, salty butter and used to dip and enjoy the white tipped bunny tails as a cheeky breakfast treat.

Now there's an idea!! Anyone going to get that on their breakfast menu (How awesome would that be ??)

That's enough radish facts for a lifetime...

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It may change your life – it works and is a tad weird but truly inspirational

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