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GlassHouse Restaurant

For those amongst us that follow the Refresh you will know that the younger generation of our trade is incredibly close to our cells as we strive to educate all.

This continues drive to help these most inspiring people giving them an opportunity as a chef more than most of us did is a mission which is gaining pace daily.

The newest partnership on our Veggication scheme is the team and students at Darlington college. Veggiecation is an exciting project we offer to all to energise everyone's minds around all things food.

If you are ever looking for somewhere to pop into for a cheeky treat why not check out the Glasshouse Restaurant at Darlington College.

The standard of food and passion of all involved is amazing to see plus you will be supporting the younger generation of our people for years to come.

Make sure you pop in to say hello and sample their delights.

Maybe you know someone in or outside the trade who may benefit in our Veggiecation scheme.

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Tuna !!!!

If you love a bit of tuna then you need to glide your eyes past this creation.

What a beautiful fish to work with just goes to show its truly the King of the seas.

Its Simple To Find Your Way Around

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