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The Guide

The time will soon be here where chipping varieties will start to adjust as stored potato becomes sporadic when fried.

It's important that you utilise the best variety of potato to get a consistent finished product.

We understand this in the past has been very difficult to achieve but not anymore!!!

The Potato Guide is here for you, ensuring you can always find out which is the best variety to use for your creations at any time of day.

Come back often to keep your potato knowledge aligned.

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  • Shutterstock 420755167
    Mid Potatoes - Maris Bard

    This weeks variety will be Maris Bard which will bring a great graded option with fantastic results once boiled.

    If you are looking for a smaller grade just order baby Mids and we will get some most amazing small graded mids to you on your order.

  • Shutterstock 450338152
    All Rounder - Markies

    The Markies is a great all-rounder for this week, this is a relatively new variety which offers a good stable & consistent offering if you are just looking for a multi-use potato.

    Whatever you throw the trusty Markies into they will perform on every occasion

  • Shutterstock 1148754224
    Speciality - Ratte

    If you have the time and want to recreate the famous whipped pomme mousseline then the only potato for the job is the trusty ratte.

    Although small the delicately flavoured flesh offers great texture and once combined with lashings of butter, salt and all things cheeky the finest pomme mousseline can be created

  • Shutterstock 607414163
    Sweet Potato

    The trusty sweet potatoes are now finding thier way to the UK from over the pond in the U.S.A

    They are large in size and truly fantastic - Now is most definitley the time to start to think about using sweet potatoes.

  • Shutterstock 749494399
    Purple Sweet Potato

    Look at the colour of these mega purple fleshed sweet potatoes!!!

    They are in season and ready for the challange.

  • Shutterstock 229457014
    Salad Blues

    If your looking for a mid sized purple fleshed potato then look no further as the salad blues are truly outstanding.

    Carrolls Heritage potatoes grow a range of excellent varieties which offer some great bold flavours.

    Why not give these a try??

  • Shutterstock 602957888
    Mash - Washed Red's

    This week if you are wanting to create a total mind-blowing potato puree then you need to be looking into utilising the washed red.

    Product is of good sizing making peeling easier and once through the beautiful skin that awesome flesh will bring some great mashing results.

    For the KING of Mash why not pre order some Mayon Gold Wooowwwzzaa

  • Shutterstock 367257002
    Roast Potatoes - Markies (House ware)

    The Markies is an exciting variety which is a great all-around option.

    Holding a great dry matter content it is screaming to be blanched and hit with boiling hot goose fat for the most perfect roast potato

  • Shutterstock 1100152760
    Chips - Lovers/Koffman's

    Thick cut, French fry, crisps whichever fried potato takes your fancy this week the most consistent potatoes you should look into using are either the potato lovers or the most amazing Koffman range.

    These preconditioned potatoes are of good grade and hold the perfect dry matter and starch/sugar content to give you the best chip on the planet

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