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Inspirational Potato Madness !!!

Let's see how easy it is to send your cells into a cryptic overdrive as they try and untangle these fantastic spuds like facts around something which we use as a commodity every day of our lives.

Here we go are you ready for this, this could quite possibly give you a headache !!!

Potatoes are a member of the nightshade family, which also includes tomatoes, capsicum and the poisonous belladonna!!!

Potatoes contain a most poisonous compound called solanine, which can reach toxic levels in green potatoes, in pretty rare cases causing headaches, diarrhoea, cramps, and even coma or death. If its green THROW IT OUT!!!

This is awesome news for all people who love MASH read on: Humans can apparently survive on a diet of just potatoes and milk, which contain Vitamin A and D. So if you find yourself stuck in a potato field with just a cow by your side you could survive for some time….

China is currently the world's largest producer of potatoes growing a whopping 98.8 million tonnes every year, in fact, this year it will be definitely more !!!

On average each global citizen eats an around 33kg of potatoes each year. Australians though love a trusty spud as their intake is over 60kg + per person!!!

All the world’s potatoes are derived from native species found in the Andes where more than 4,000 types have been found.

Legends hold stories of King Frederick II of Prussia being addicted to the trusty spud.

In the early 1700s, spud infused Frederick grew a large field of potatoes in the hope of getting people to eat them so he could share his passionate vibes and earn some serious cash.

Villagers became ultra suspicious about the new crop and whispers spread around how so very special these spuds were reluctant so Fred sent his soldiers to guard the field.

The guards were not the most proactive of people and all used to bunker down for the night in the thought that who would possibly want to steal these weird tubers???

Nightfall came and the guards went off to dream about Bounty Bars and as soon as the lines went silent the intrigued villagers crept out and stole the potatoes right from under their noses !!!

The crafty crew legged it home and rattled up some most amazing potato creations and suddenly realised how truly delicious and nutritious they actually were.

Maybe this is where Pomme Mousseline was born !!!!

Fred, you were too advanced for your fellow people but we respect you for your passion around all thing potatoes just next time make sure you get some decent guards.

We are off for some chips after all of that….

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