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Is This For Real ???

Last week's most radical Veg Oil giveaway gave Golden Del Boy an adrenalin rush like nothing before.

This week he has once again been windsurfing around and pulled another amazing offer from his flat cap.

Come On Golden Del What You Got ???

Red Wine **EXCITMENT**

This is an offer that will save your GP so don't glide past it, fill in the form and take advantage of Golden Del Boys SIXTH offer for 2019.

Red Wine is a kitchen necessity and everyone uses this most flavoursome liquid in some way every day so this weeks offer is a total winner (Hiccup)

Anyway, the point we are trying to get across is the time has come to save your GP from destruction as its a RED WINE GIVEAWAY this week.

Don't forget you can use this offer as many times as you like for the week ahead.

Golden Del Has Done It Again Come Back Next Week For More