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What's Tricky This Coming Week ???

With produce travelling from all corners of the globe there is always something you should stay away from.

This page is designed to ensure you don’t get caught out by listing something on your menu when supply is proving slightly tricky.

Fresh produce revolves around the climate so changes happen frequently, make sure you come back every week to find out what will be difficult during the coming week.

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How Scary Is Our Tiger Is This Week???

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    Salad Bowl

    We are now on the move for all things salad related items such as tomatoes, aubergines, cucumbers, flat lettuce, iceberg, courgettes are all making their journey from the amazing Salad Bowl in Spain.

    As long as the weather over there is stable, we should have a fantastic season for all.

    We can't even start to think about the carnage the snow caused over in Spain a couple of years ago - when the UK ran out of courgettes due to heavy snow over the winter months !!!

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    The UK late summer crop of herbs has now come to a close, and we are reliant on imported herbs across most varieties for the winter months.

    This week we have seen issues with Tarragon as the availability of the crop coming into the UK has been extremely sporadic.

    We shouldn’t have issues as we move through the winter months but please be mindful of the logistical journey involved in these most delicate items

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    Red Chicory

    The annual autumnal dry up in supply of red chicory is about to occur.

    Although white chicory will still be available the red is going to start to struggle as supply becomes extremely tight and prices escalate to unaffordable levels.

    White chicory is a great alternative but if it’s the colour you are hunting for try to utilise Raddichio

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    With the close of the UK outdoor rhubarb season, the only option now is to look to Holland for the Dutch indoor forced season.

    This option is available, but it's hugely expensive so much so it will blow your GP into the outer galaxy.

    For those that require rhubarb it is available, but on a pre-order basis we do stock frozen, and rhubarb puree even jam, chutney and other rhubarb delights if required.

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    Watch Out as prices are starting to rise as the season switches origin.

    Availability is ok but due to demand you will notice the rise in cost. Lets not even talk about Yellow courgettes there are pretty much not affordable at the moment at the moment.

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    As reported figs have got extremely tight and are proving slightly challenging to get hold of as we wait for the new season Brazilian crop to become ready.

    We do have availability but this week be careful as prices are high as soon as the new season lands they will slip back to normal.

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