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Inspirational Morel Madness !!!

The time has come to find all the facts you may ever need around the existence of the most radical of mushrooms... the Morel!

Did you know you have to be licensed to sell morels for public consumption...

Finding them takes knowledge, skill and a lot of time and patience. For many, the thrill-of-the-chase is just as exciting as eating a morel.

Experienced foragers claim both old growth forests and areas that were recently cleared by logging or fire are great places to hunt.

Morels are considered a prized delicacy. They require very specific growing conditions that are not easily replicated.

Every morel that you eat has been picked by hand in its natural environment. And most likely that someone has traveled a great distance, hiked a great deal, perhaps camped remotely for weeks, battled the elements (mosquitoes, horseflies, rain, drought, etc.) and somehow managed to get that delicate specimen back to the city in decent condition for you to be able to purchase!

The most common colors are dark black, yellow and white. If you go morel hunting, be sure you know what one looks like. You don’t want to accidentally pick poisonous mushrooms like the false morel. You could end up very ill or possibly even dead! Scary stuff...

Their shape can be oblong to bulbous. Their color can be blonde to grey. Their size can be smaller than your fingertip to larger than your hand. Their most identifiable characteristic is what’s typically described as a honeycomb like exterior.

Morels are unique with their meaty texture and an earthy and nutty flavour and are also loaded with antioxidants, balance blood sugar, and repair liver-damage. Plus, they are high in protein and fibre.

Morels are not to be eaten raw or consumed in large quantities because they contain a mildly toxic substance, which is destroyed in cooking. It is possible for some people to have an allergic reaction to morels!

How radical is all of that ??

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