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Soup Dragon Is Going From Strength To Strength

This inspiring page is proving to be very popular as people slide back into here every week and see what ideas our trusty Soup Dragon holds for the week ahead.

Every week he comes along with some interesting ideas to get your cells active with this huge GP boosting dish.

It's SOUP Time!!!!
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What Is It This Week Then ???

With mother nature not knowing really what she is up to at the minute, it’s a difficult decision which flavour maybe best for some souping action at the moment.

Leeks are a true wintertime treat as they host a remarkable sophistication to their profile and even better are totally affordable this week.

Make sure you order a few boxes and turn them into a money generating soup what about these cheeky ideas to get your veins pumping.

Long & Slender, Flavoursome & Totally Delightful Leeks....
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    Leek & Chix Pea Soup Sage Beignets
  • Shutterstock 1230745717
    Smoked Potato & Leek Soup
  • Shutterstock 252465013
    Confit Garlic, Bacon & Leek Soup
  • Shutterstock 581329633
    Caramelised Artichoke & Leek Soup
  • Shutterstock 127403462
    Spiced Aubergine & Leek Soup (Vegan)
  • Shutterstock 1164929323
    Spring Onion & Leek Broth – Smoked Eel
  • Shutterstock 707924710
    Leek & Watercress Velouté
  • Shutterstock 1230745717
    Trusty Leek & Potato Soup
  • Shutterstock 488679649
    Classic Cock-a-Leekie

Come Next Week To See What Soup Dragon Has In Store