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Week Comm: 1/03

The Passion

Do you sometimes think you could fall asleep forever or learn to sneakily disappear as you peer into that far away place giving you more time to enhance your love of food while meeting up with those lost over time???

Mental well-being In the kitchen is a topic close to all our hearts as our industry is renowned for being a place of mind-bending destruction.

There is no doubt as chefs we have a passion filled existence as every second of our lives awake or fast asleep flavour and creation is on our minds.

This intense thought process, coupled with stress, long hours, deep heat and sporadic change, can easily send mindset to derail.

Can you teach passion, is it possible to install thought and creative progression into your team??? Deep questions flood every day across a chefs mind, as if it was the industry it would most definitely be brimming with people ready to rustle the pans and become as obsessed with food as we all are.

The rapid decline of people throughout the trade is something every establishment is suffering with. Teaching the process is most definitely not the problem, but the installment of passion is what dwindles bringing tears to every kitchen across the land.

Food oozes out of veins of any seasoned chef as that dedication to flavour creation, and that ever-increasing drive to succeed is what ripples passionate thought.

Holding a ninja-style skill set to twist and turn with speed, enabling that most beautiful finished result to arrive no matter what tension lies behind the scenes. We have all been there with horrific pressure during service, but the result is perfection without nobody knowing.

The mental well-being of our people is imperative and along with a joined-up approach to enhance the environment while instilling those ever close personal and professional values will definitely create a place where that sporadic derailment may not occur so easily.

Keep thought close, keep people smiling while offering that over-spill of passion which they thrive upon as they take a snippet every day - that’s a skill you may never knew you held!!!

Take from the above what you will but ensure your team are steadfast, dynamic and have the ability to understand food just as well as you do - Share & Use your weekly Refresh so they too can hunt for inspiration at that most perfect of time which is just right for them.

Thoughts For The Week Ahead:
Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.

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Week Comm: 23/02

The Chatter

Holding onto plans with severe future thought can become a cryptic space when you get to a place where without skilled minds, you simply can't move forward to that so very cherished completion.

As chefs, our creative skill set is vast, but you can't do everything yourself !!!

Without differential skill within your team, your dream may never become that reality & without partnered minds outside progression with technology and beyond can quickly become non-existent.

Creative thought pulls many into a sense of direction, but when something occurs, which is simply out of your control, it isn't straightforward to manage.

This past week we have been touched by such instance where technical voice is super loud so much, so it blew our food infused minds.

Anything new brings challenge just like that night where the new menu .is launched - We have all been there ten new dishes added to the menu on a Friday night sends all into panic as loss of direction and usual glide quickly occurs.

The words why have we done this on a Friday night springs across everyone's mind but truly that push and excited drive for change is so advantageous.

A change in technology is always amazing as future dreams suddenly become a reality - The arrival of that new singing and dancing Paco Jet can change your life - The skill is not just dreaming up the idea to obtain but nurturing the delivery for complete perfection.

Technology drives all our existence, especially online development - Have you ever taken the time to investigate the amount of programmed code sat behind what you believe is a simple task.

It's mindboggling and although 99% don't ever need to understand the 1% hold control of delivery. Development is just like cooking the skill lies with the culinarian while others enjoy their work - Wow.

Read into the above what you will, but everyone is touched by technology - Timeframes dwindle with rapid speed. Although you can't help to complete, the skill is managing that time, so the finished result is a marvellous piece of polished oak.

Thoughts For The Week Ahead:
It's only when they go wrong that machines remind you how powerful they genuinely are - Build, Test, Protect & Perfect to ensure happiness for all ...

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Week Comm: 16/02

The Unrecognised

Do you ever find yourself gazing up into the sky wanting to tear a hole and peer in??

A longing to reconnect with those who hideout in that place where the misplaced go - Not lost just merely out of sight waiting to reunite...

Life is most definitely far too short, and although the day to day ramp of activity quickly takes over your mind, every day slips by not to return ever.

For most these deepened thoughts never touch as the battle to remain proactive is always in front.

Work-life balance is a situation which occurs for all and managing this is no doubt a skill we all have to master.

This past week has been a rollercoaster of thought as plans start to roll to a finalised place with the new situation so close to being released we can - Literally taste it.

Along with combined united thought to help carve future goals, we have witnessed many new and innovative things.

There is no doubt working in this ever-changing food world ever day is an educational experience.

Things capture thought with shock or surprise as what you simply thought was one thing turns out to be something totally different...

We have all been there when you think how somethings going to taste, but it catches you by surprise - ummmmmmm how can we describe this, oh what about a cheeky watermelon radish...

From the outside, this turnip shaped vegetable doesn't look exciting - in fact, it seems like a typical turnip - thoughts about a hit of pepperiness with white flesh runs through your cells and more often than not it could get pushed to one side.


Take a knife and slice deep in to release a radiating colour of its inner beauty - a true delight hiding out in disguise just waiting to excite those who take the time to investigate.

Many scenarios flood into the mind where this occurs, and we could probably be sat here all night as we typed it all down - One thing to note you should never take anything for granted - never look at something discarding it as it looks dull or doesn't fit within your usual thought.

It's not until you dig deep the real inner beauty and most remarkable flavour shines bright - you may even be surprised just like we were this week.

Family, people, work, seasons, skill, dedication, passion, flavour are all fundamentals in our lives as chefs, the way you manage them all is totally up to you - just simply do the best and the right thing everytime.

**Deep thoughts** Read into the above what you will things are simply not what they seem #tastymeatfree

Thoughts For The Week Ahead:
One road split into two within a darkened wood which do you take - The one less travelled or the one with marked track ??? Strength to take the less travelled direction always makes the difference in the end.

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Week Comm: 09/02

The Deeper Connection

Do you ever find yourself in that unique time in the early hours connecting your previous day together??

For some, the above may seem a bit strange and possibly slightly puzzling, but everyone has their time were reflection happens.

Sometimes the brightest of ideas flow from this creative moment, others it’s all about knitting the day together so future growth can occur.

Either way, this dedicated time is essential and this week more than ever it’s been utilised to the max!!!

Working in such fast-paced environments which your kitchen is it’s easy to forget about the inner beauty and all the stories hidden behind every ingredient you touch.

Who has ever taken the time to find out how quinoa is harvested ??? Think about doing that for a living (wow) what about sesame seeds where do they appear from never mind the insane work that goes into growing and transporting something as simple as a Clementine.

Simple - did you read that, right ?? Does that make a clementine a commodity 100% not?

It’s easy to fall into the trap of taking items for granted it’s even easier to totally ignore and not dedicate any time to actually find out all there is to know about these often forgotten flavours.

This past week travel took us to faraway lands as we carved relationships, thanked, investigated and connected with 1000’s of the worlds most famous growers.

Fresh Produce is a world of passion, dedication, love, logistics, connections, relationships all to get that one item from field to plate in the shortest of time maintaining maximum flavour.

Our Love Of Food pumps through every vein as we go about our mission within this cryptic picture to source and deliver. It’s exciting to unite with others who also thrive and dedicate their lives for the same reason.

We won’t go into to much detail right here, but from a few long days, we have captured stories as we connected with many which will possibly blow your mind.

The connection is imperative in all we do - it doesn’t matter if your a chef, front of the house, gardener , fresh produce lover or something like a loin trainer the connection to your craft is the essential gift you hold.

Next time you peel that orange take a second to think how has this actually got here into my hand - Holding that knowledge will create an over and beyond experience once tasted or utilised in your creations.

Delifresh exists to connect so get ready as the time has arrived to become better connected with the ingredient and the creator than ever before...

How exciting!!!!

Thoughts For The Week Ahead:
You Never Loose A Dream, It Just Incubates As A Hobby....

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Week Comm: 09/02

The Day After Tomorow

Another week has slipped by without warning, that's another seven days in which we all had the opportunity to mark with rewarding thought, another 168 hours which we will simply never see again.

How was your time - Did you laugh, smile, taste something never sampled before, bring joy to all around ???

There is no doubt that if your not careful those hours slip by without notice, and suddenly you are staring at another week approaching with rapid speed.

Every existence has precisely the same amount of time it doesn't matter if your a chef, accountant, bus driver, inventor even a frog trainer we simply all have the same amount of seconds to perform within.

We are sure your ears have heard the words Chef I simply don't have enough time !!! just take a second to think as to how many times you may have listened to this over the last seven days.

Time is no doubt a mysterious place to investigate, and it's not the length or lack off, which is the problem - its the mindset and skill in managing it to its full.

Capturing time and making it work for you is a skill a lot of creative minds hold. It may not have arrived until later on in your life but once triggered, the great reward can follow.

The kitchen is a busy environment to utilise your creative thoughts in. The hours are long, the dedication and passion for food are super sharp.

Thinking for the day ahead creates a reactive pace - is that right ??? who knows but if you continuously hunt to make it through the day what's coming at you tomorrow??

The present is a generous place for some but that day after tomorrow which is waiting for you is a far more rewarding place to investigate.

Create those memories in the present day but utilise that futuristic skill to compile projected thought, thinking BIG can most definitely bring fantastic result.

Read into the above what you will, and although pretty cryptic it's packed with voice which many ears will hear loud and clear.

Thoughts For The Work Ahead:
Your limitation is simply your imagination...

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Week Comm: 26/01

The Infection

Have you ever been in that cryptic situation where you instantly think up an idea which is purely magical? Maybe it’s a flavour combination, a new dish or some life-changing concept for your team.

This instantaneous thought often develops over time nestled deep away until just the right time to pounce to the forefront of mind and bingo suddenly appears with shock.

These ideas are often the best and more than not; although we don’t really realise the most thought through as subconsiocly, you could have been working on it for ages.

Wow, how awesome – so much so we could type about this for some time – Don’t panic though we will refrain but circumstance hit this week as we glided through the amazing engine room here @ Delifresh.

As chefs holding the ability to be so close to many unusual ingredients every second of our lives often brings that little space where you don’t take time to look at all the sheer beauty around in the detail it deserves.

We have been in the kitchen where after filleting 200 seabass, the next to arrive is just a task – you don’t notice those bold gills, the firm flesh and most beautiful colour across the fish – Its sad in some ways but something repetitive can easily blend into one.

This past week as we glided the fridge showcasing all amazing I watched in great detail as our goods in team embraced a new delivery of fantastic offerings which had travelled from southern Spain.

The excitement was immense as the team worked through the delivery, making sure our back door intake checks occurred with greatest of effect.

Smiles, passion and most intense thought happened without prompt. It's natural to take items for granted, but when you are genuinely connected to your trade, the smallest of things excite senses bringing joy and happiness to all around even when they turn up daily.

Next time something as simple as a punnet of mustard cress or even a trusty tomato lands on the pass just step back and witness its visual appeal – how much do you actually understand about what's in front of you ??

Wouldn’t it be amazing to find out all there is to know so you could extract maximum effect from your new reborn friend?
Where is this going we hear your brain tick – just soak up the thoughts as it may all become clear in a few weeks

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO that’s were we end this week…..

Thoughts For the Week Ahead:
Try To Be A Rainbow In Someones Cloud – Bright Colourful Ideas Most Always Excite…

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