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Week Comm: 24/03

Sweet Thing...

Decision making is a thing that hits our minds every minute of the day - Do we add that extra pinch of salt, slip that meaty piece of cod into the pan now, is it even hot enough yet??

What about that decision around has the time come to switch off your senses and check your eyelids for holes (weird)

Creative minds excite over change, added drive and expectancy to your day can multiply the joy of being awake, it can also push your mind into overdrive not giving you much time for rest or anything else becoming an ultra fine line of balance.

Some thrive making decisions in the heat becoming reactive to change, their minds bulge while holding thoughts of the future as they can easily feel the belief and unseen goal.

There is never a bad decision made, the secret is to decide in the correct manner - Often minds take time to complete a decision as they battle with their thoughts, some instantly become reactive to change and some decisions are made united to enable vivid premonition.

Either way, a decision made will give an instant reward or an alternative fork in your journey where a conscious thought must be made to carve additional routes.

Whichever seasonal choice is taken to add that hit of excitement, fulfilment or added benefit into your creations make sure you create the outcome with people in mind.

Don't leave others swimming frantically as they struggle to keep their head afloat while you continually change. Kick your legs hard so they too can feel your seasonal pulse gathering their excitement and drive, you will quickly find them swimming alongside you to that so very prosperous end goal.

Alternative minds create their own path to your destination, your creative drive may have arrived you there extremely early, but don't decide to sit and wait for your team to arrive later.

Jump back into the water and boost energy with hits of seasonal choice, ensuring that their arrival into your far away coast is so very fruitful.

Welcome them with a feeling that the choice they took together in arriving via the path they did was the correct one, although subconsciously guided by you.

As creative culinarians, we are continually challenged with seasonal change and must decide on the spot for maximum benefit for all around -

Your Refresh is here to help you with decisions that up until now you could have been alone in making.

Join together with us and use this tool to guide you as to what Mother Nature is so very in control of, giving your team a great decision-making tool for your seasonal creations ahead.

Thoughts For The Week Ahead:
The reason that fish form schools, birds form flocks and bees form swarms is that they are smarter together than they would be apart. They don't take a vote; they don't take a poll: they form a system. They are all interactive, creative and make a decision together in real time giving their choices of instant change a far more reactive and stronger route with delayed gratification.

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To Read Historic Weekly Thoughts Glide Below The Menu...

Week Comm: 17/03


Do you ever find yourself in that hectic moment when many shout your name with no concern as to what your cell arrangement may actually be at that very second ???

Lying awake in that most special time just between the dark and morning light can often bring such respectful silence, a good time to think as you search for those lost things that just slip away from your day to day thoughts.

As creative culinarians, it is our duty to be there for everyone just at that precise moment they require our skills. One issue which often arises is that although we are busy in many areas, our teams can often neglect their thoughts and pounce as a problem which instantly affects their smooth rolling day becomes an instant confusion.

Maybe it’s a leaking stock pan, a light on the pass has broken, what about those annoying times when the cling film double wraps and won’t come free.

Many things throughout our existence in the kitchen begin to test our ability to manage and perfect our skills but the respect for time Is a power which is tricky to teach.

Time never runs dry it’s a vortex in space where it continually drives forward with absolutely no way of return.

Every mind has precisely the same amount of time as each other, the trick around becoming proactive with our gift is not challenging - Making others aware and respectful of your precious ration Is a complex masterpiece.

Make time to develop, learn & educate ensuring proactiveness portrays but most of all give time to your team, respecting their pressures hopefully enabling them to see your goals and respect your ongoing ration but passionate drive for overall success for everyone.

The busy preparation times and ultra hectic services will most definitely arrive as food flows from your creative zones with speed. Challenging periods will come to visit but together with managed thoughts and great respect for each others time you're passionate team can easily see that so very bright light glimmering in the distance which you continually guide them towards.

Thoughts For The Weak Ahead:
Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone else used their energy, thoughts and time planting a tree for others a long time ago!!! Always think with broad future goals enabling longevity, efficiency whilst crafting a far more creative future for all...

All For The LOVE Of Food
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Week Comm: 11/03

Low Hanging Fruit

Have you ever been hungry for some fruit???

That deep craving sending you suddenly hunting around for a quick fix injection of sweetness to hopefully keep hunger at bay.

Unable to satisfy your senses as sweet notes are simply not to hand brings frustration, which makes you desperate to sink your teeth into some soft, sweet, fruity flesh.

A craving situation can suddenly halt all senses as your mind only focusses on that very ingredient even when you can't actually have it.

Desperation to fulfil your needs takes its toll on cells making you reach for the very first thing that comes along to fulfil your dream.

Easy pickings of low hanging fruit often becomes totally unrewarding when the true flavour hit is hiding higher up the tree waiting for its correct time to shine!!!

As creative culinarians, we are continually searching for that inspirational hit, gearing our brains to progress and combine flavours carefully to excite all that taste.

It's extremely easy to find that shortcut that may come to greet, gaining time whilst saving your cells from malfunction or capturing a flavour way before its correct seasonal showcase which will gain you maximum effect.

That craving drive to venture forward into the rapidly approaching season with pace is always strong but sometimes can be catastrophic to all as the finished result simply doesn't fulfil your dream.

Mother Nature can easily relocate your goals and as we progress through existence those who react quickly, efficiently and really embrace a new seasonal challenge are the true ambassadors.

Don't let a challenge pass by!!! Always rise like a Pheonix grasping what’s in front, guiding your drive and passion in a new direction whilst truly capturing that hit your senses so very require to fulfil that fruitful thought.

Thoughts For The Week Ahead:
Your mind will answer most questions if you learn to relax and wait for the answer. Don’t leap and grab the first glimpse of something new, remain steadfast and wait for the true glory to arrive.

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Week Comm: 03/03

The Mission...

Do you spend time in that hazelnut period just between the deep night and the Sun hours, hunting for that place where the answers lay to your many thoughts?

As creative culinarians, we continually develop our skills for maximum performance and overall greater impact on all that indulge in our creations.

This most creative drive can often bring challenge as we cast our thoughts deep into the future highlighting that so very bright reward shining in the distance which sometimes no one else can see!!!

The ongoing mission to showcase what could be achieved is a difficult challenge as others around your existence become sucked into a busy vortex obsessing on finishing their daily goals.

The busy services arrive and the seasons' flood by with so many creative ideas & flavours touching your team, but many missed as minds become reflective as items easily ricochet away.

That extremely shiny reward still in focus but out of reach contains your mission, it still sits patiently as it waits for you to gather momentum building the blocks you need in order to map out a path of arrival.

Writing a menu can sometimes be like this as we sit projecting the future trying to balance, visually perfect and ghost taste what simply isn’t available yet.

The pressure of completion soon takes its prisoners as creative blockage can suddenly occur.

The challenge of onboarding your team to join you on your journey is so very difficult giving them a vision of the future is sometimes harder than anyone expected.

The shiny reward will always exist as new challenges build and past icebergs melt giving your mind an ongoing vision for the future.

The task is to step by step complete each mission, learn, educate and most of all bring on your team so they too can enjoy all the seasons have to offer.

Thoughts For The Week Ahead:
Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort. Project your sights forward into your creative goals and achieve them with uttermost perfection.

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Week Comm: 24/02

To Notice...

Do you take the time to look deeply into all things around and marvel at their sheer beauty ??

Do you find yourself suddenly realising things have arrived and then become despondent about how you missed their arrival?

It could be those cheeky snowdrops appearing without a whisper, that most miraculous carrot arriving in your delivery which shocks you by its beauty and flavour, or that time you suddenly realise you have missed so much time as people around you grow far too quickly.

Our lives as creative culinarians come to test our ability to hold time, to be proactive with our outlook. Most of all though challenge our reactiveness with short snappy arrivals and situations that fire into us without warning to test our senses.

We strive to perfect our skill as we work at maximum speed professionally and with ultimate organisation - But one thing we do daily is we have to predict the future, as we all make educated guesses as to who will order what from our menus before every service.

Nobody can correctly predict to the second what could happen tomorrow, or if the day ahead is going to bring joy or most profound sorrow or even perfect sales.

Don't get stuck in a hole deep and embedded in darkness with nowhere to turn when it goes wrong. Keep your eyes open, you can easily see a world with busy folk not taking time to witness all around - Not caring about what they have missed or the people so close, as all they do is plough efforts into their existence without a thought for others.

One seed can be tossed into dampened soil which can quickly grow into a shooting flower reaching for a sky which is glowing. Pray for rain but it may not arrive, you could try and save the day but it may be too late and rather than trying to save everything, why not become thoughtful and reactive so you can save something small or even someone.

An outgoing, connected and creative mind will guide you through tough times bringing a strong direction as to where you are going - The trick is to conduct those close to you onto your journey so they too can enjoy a fruitful ride.

Thoughts for the week ahead:
At times, we need to stop and rethink everything. Our entire history is made up of people who were sure they knew the truth, yet forgot that the truth has an annoying tendency to change without us noticing it.

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Week Comm: 17/02

The Moment

We can't really think of many jobs in the outer world away from the kitchen that can offer such an emotional journey like a role as a creative culinarian.

There is no doubt that its easy to forget your creative drive when your deep in various scenarios which may come to test your senses throughout your working week.

It's easy to lose your way and find yourself deep in fog so dense you can't even feel fear anymore.

We have all been there when service demands every cell and the last piece of energy you may be holding onto - that drain from the ticket machine hurts your head as those orders carry on to plough in and you just seem to tread water without actually getting anywhere.

All of a sudden the great divide over the pass brings a distant light, and the board clears, and your life can commence.

These times come to challenge your ability to multitask and often break many minds as this continual drain on their senses damages cells.

Frustration becomes evident, broken minds and abused bodies rattle on until one day they crack never to return.

Having the ability to connect with the season is imperative, giving yourself that edge where a clear head can help to battle against that continual drain but remain creative at all times.

The Refresh is designed to give you that space, that continual drip feed of information for you to explore and interact with at your convenience.

As chefs, our customers demand perfection whilst offering great value for money & giving them the ability to eat alongside the season whilst capturing a glimpse of your culinary excellence.

Your Refresh can most definitely help you in mastering this mission.

Engage with the season, remain creative & attentive to all around you making sure calmness and a proactive drive are present within you and your team at all times.

Thoughts For The Week Ahead:
In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing at all.

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Week Comm: 10/02

Have you ever had one of those days that make your cells hurt with overactivity ???

Our intensive jobs as creative culinarians come to test our abilities to multitask, as every minute of the day we get forced to think on the spot and more than anything be that team member that we all strive to be.

The bond we have with our work families is imperative to ensure our creations make it to the customer in peak fitness, but also to enable progression and happiness for all we touch throughout our working lives.

Scenarios most definitely come to test us throughout our days as its easy to take that so very quick route to try and get the job finished quicker than usual.

A wise chef once told stories of a king who placed an empty pan slap bang in the middle of the doorway to the kitchen in his most magnificent castle,

The king sat and watched from afar as many just simply slid past without care, this most annoying object was really in their way but nobody picked the thing up!!!

After a while, the busy staff started losing their tempers around this rouge pans existence as it was now really causing a nuisance.

Still, nobody picked it up, nobody even slid it to one side, they just kept hopping around it as if it wasn't deemed their responsibility to move it - Why was it even there???

The king wasn't shocked, he sat there eating chicken legs and drinking white chocolate drinks (really) as he waited patiently for someone to simply do the right thing.

Time ticked on and just after the carpet cleaners lunch a local lad appeared for his shift in the Well room. To get to his duties the Well puller had to walk through the busy kitchen which he looked forward to every day, as those intensive smells excited his senses tenth fold.

As he arrived he noticed the annoying pan in the doorway, without a thought he picked it up and moved it to one side. Once lifted he noticed a parcel which was hiding under there waiting for someone to find it - He slowly opened the corner and peaked inside, his eyes caught glimpse of a note saying - Finders Keepers!!!

Puzzled, he investigated more to find a stash of gold coins enough so he wouldn't have to work in the Well room for many months to come.

The king soon arrived to congratulate the young lad on his find and for simply doing the right thing.

He scurried off with the king's blessing and didn't have to work for 6 whole months, he treated his family and even bought a cat with his treasure, he lived this time like a generous and most thoughtful king.

Thoughts for the week ahead: The truth is that you always know what the right thing is to do, the hard part is actually doing it, but those who take time and care great things will most definitely always arrive.

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Week Comm: 03/02

Sleepless Minds

The continual rush and excitement around our lives as creative culinarians is so easy to get sucked into.

We have all been there when you suddenly surface and realise its April and you haven't booked any time off for the future weeks so you can reset your cells.

That trusty old saying of how time flies is so very true and its easy for our outer lives to be totally taken for granted.

There is no denying our trade is a hot place to be, the days easily roll into weeks and before you know it Christmas is arriving once again leaving you with thoughts Oh no I missed the Gooseberry season!!!

Working in such a fast-paced and creative environment can only mean one thing we all need to take the time to rest our cells and reset our bodies enabling the very best results can be achieved at all times.

Sleep is a delicate thing and can often be hard to perfect as our creative cells can easily take over as you lay awake hunting for that place where the lost things often go.

Those most creative ideas appear when we are often not expecting it and for some, this actually happens at night.

We communicated with a true warrior the other day who told a story of how his most famous ideas can often materialise in the early hours.

Although sleep deprived at times this continual search for ideas can drain your cells extremely easy.

If you are ever laid awake at night as you search for that last piece of jigsaw or try your best to recreate a childhood flavour memory - Just log onto your weekly refresh as you simply can't catch all this inspirational information in one weekly glide and it’s exaists especially for you!!!

Thoughts For The Week Ahead: A professor is someone who talks in someone else's sleep, this kind of professor holds a creative flare which is easy to ignite from.

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Week Comm: 27/01


Have you ever had a niggly thought that won't disappear??

One of those rumbles that rolls deep in your brain telling you something around what you are trying to achieve isn’t just quit right.

Maybe the flavour profile of a new dish isn’t just correct, and you just can't get it to that critical point you so very require, maybe its that plan of attack for a change of layout in the kitchen engine room but you push back when it comes to the crunch to start the move...

As creative culinarians, our brains are most definitely over reactive with thoughts around continual improvement and we hold great inner skills which drive perfection in all we do.

It's easy for these instances to stop us dead in our tracks.

It's often hard to isolate that very reason as to what's holding you back from finishing that new creation or the big move. More times than not it's our inner creative senses telling you something is not just right which slams on the brakes.

Time heals many things and more than not gives you periods of thought where the answers to these very important projects get worked out without us even knowing. It's easy to stop everything in your tracks, it's even easier to just reroute and work on the next challenge forgetting the burning things left behind.

More often than not the sudden braking gets released and you etch out a new way to tackle the complication, perfecting the end result in ways you never even dreamed of.

These instances come to challenge our senses, it’s the way we tackle the hesitation and sudden stoppage which makes the end result far more creative and even more rewarding for everyone than ever before.

Thoughts for the week ahead:
A test of peoples greatness is their humility. By humility, we don't mean doubt of their powers or hesitation in speaking their opinion, but merely an understanding of the relationship of what they can say and what they achieve...

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Week Comm: 20/01

Gone - But Not Forgotten

Have you ever laid awake at night in that so very still time between the dark and morning light that little period when the sun is just starting to beam through the darkness to bring the imminent day ahead?

This period is a time where searching for the things you used to know may keep you from sleep as you hunt for the place where those lost things hideout.

This past week has brought sad times for many as several people close to the seasons left us all behind as they ventured on to the place to hide until we catch them up.

As creative culinarians we venture forward day by day ploughing our efforts into continual improvement, being there for our team and most importantly being available for our customers when required.

This continual commitment is a strong mindset to have, but as we all know its so very easy to forget about the most important thing of all - Our own personal health.

We must mention a true seasonal legend here who has only just put down his sacred tools and decided to put his feet up after 30 years + of continual commitment, creative drive and true inspirational input into one (yes one) kitchen for such a long time.

This man has seen countless bodies glide by this kitchen and only few have made their mark - But his personality and passion has created a mark on every single one of them!!!

We can't even start to think about how many services this inspirational man has been through over his creative journey, never mind how many gallons of lobster sauce, hollandaise, STP, blocks of butter diced the sheer volume of chopped chives and meat butchered by this very man.

We could type all day but all of this effort was most definitely for the passion he held around his love of food.

He most definitely holds a soul of gold and nothing has beaten him over the 30 + years not even the almighty Money Bag!!!

Where is this going ??

Our creative trade is an addictive place to spend our lives and it's easy to be sucked up while forgetting about everything close to yourself.

Take time to respect the season, your health, your tools and most of all your team around you as without these we have nothing.

Thoughts for the week ahead: Retirement brings repose, and repose allows a kindly judgment of all things, go forth and excel may your memories be strong as ours will be of you.

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Week Comm: 13/01/19


The winter months come to test our senses as we continually strive to inspire our minds as the long, dull dark weeks tick by.

Even though the weather is drab, the daylight sometimes never shines, and you may never see your neighbour as they hibernate for the winter time, it’s sometimes difficult to get your cells into gear.

Engagement with the season is imperative to ensure your creative mind doesn't lose steam. Development is a hard place to be as a continues pulse needs to be fed enabling your creative flair to shine brightly in all you do.

It doesn’t matter what position you are in the chain everyone who engages with food holds a creative spark which needs to be energised and allowed to increase in velocity at its own pace.

We have all been there, head sunken into your hands as you strive to create a special or flavour combination, but can't do so as your mind pushes back with creative blackouts.

This past week we have seen a change in season which sparked many minds into overdrive, enabling creative vibes to flow proactively as both the most fantastic blood oranges, and forced rhubarb arrived.

You can imagine this arrival captivated our senses but what sent electric shocks into our cells is the engagement from many across the world from the news around both their appearances!!!

Maintaining a continual drip fed message of inspiration is part of our mission ensuring all far and wide are given the opportunity at their leisure to become closer than ever before to the season.

Inventors and creative bodies across the globe struggle with inspirational blackouts as they hunt down the next best creation. Don’t let these dark areas arrive - as soon as you are planning something new, head over to your weekly refresh to relieve your cells and open them up for full engagement.

Either take snippets away & create your unique ideas or take the whole lot and carve your menu around what's truly inspirational the choice is yours...

Whichever way you utilise the Refresh do so in your own way but ensure to share it with all far and wide, so they too can feel that seasonal pulse.

Wow, that’s a bit deep this week!!! Your weekly Refresh is here especially for you and entirely - For The Love Of Food.

Thoughts For The Week Ahead:
Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.

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Week Comm: 06/01/19

Greatest Imagination

As culinarians, we are blessed with having extremely creative minds enabling our actions to be reactive and interchangeable at all times.

The kitchen walls are an enclosed world of heat, action and an unlimited amount of senses. To our minds, this is a normal thing, but to others, it’s an intriguing place where magic continually happens.

Taste is a human sense which we are all blessed with, but for some not so lucky, they don’t hold this sensory benefit and have never tasted something sweet, delicate, sour or had that reaction and flavour memory that we all crave for.

This week our senses have been touched by a youngster from the outer parts of Yorkshire who unfortunately was born without this most miraculous of senses.

Excited by Lego, so very passionate about nature, riding his bike at 100 mph and all things an 8-year-old boy loves to do but unfortunately, he has never had the pleasure of taste!!!

In no way has this unfortunate disability affected his existence, he is healthy, confident and his very vibrant attitude to life was refreshing to witness.

Imagine never tasting sugar, feeling that impact of chocolate and what about that intense citrus burst we all take for granted when eating an orange.

Our younger years are a part of our lives which goes far too quickly, all those memories are stored for times like these so you can share but what about all the flavour thoughts we have tasted – just imagine never having those.

Cast your mind back to when you believed you were under attack hiding in the long grass as a child, or those times you maybe ate a fresh cherry or when you believed that ghouls hid out in your attic, the time you first tasted a freshly cooked mussel or even a stick of raw rhubarb!!!

These memories are with us forever - lets never take them for granted, join together to celebrate those flavours that for many just become a seasonal commodity and distant memory.

Thoughts For The Week Ahead:
The secret of food lies in its memory - of thinking and then knowing what the taste is before it even touches your lips. Holding these memories and truly respecting the season can only improve the taste of life.

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Week Comm: 30/12

The Connection

Some are good at keeping in touch, but others really struggle as the daily rush takes over their senses and stops the brain from finding the time to engage.

It’s a funny scenario this as although some struggle with making time to reconnect others find plenty of time & drive to do so.

Time is a critical piece in all our lives, and although we work in hot, busy and truly demanding environments we all have exactly the same amount of time as everyone else on the planet!!!

Making a promise to keep a connection is a strong bond between two minds, it's important this connection is maintained to secure and fulfil that most demanding commitment made.

A wise and extremely creative mind once shared a thought around this scenario:-

Keeping an ongoing connection to those that touch our lives in various ways is one way we share our thoughts whilst maintaining strong bond's with those so very apart.

It's almost certainly not for all and throughout our lives, we come across those naturally not capable of making that commitment to engage & maintain that connection some so very need.

Be that person who creates time - Be that person who cares for your nearest and most of all the team around you - Be that person who maintains that memorable connection - Just Be That Person!!!

These profound thoughts sparked into our senses this past week and although its essential to maintain that connection with people, it's equally important to make sure you are connected with the seasons especially at this time of year.

January may be a dull and quiet time for many, but Mother Nature doesn’t sit back, she has lot's planned into those five long cold weeks ahead.

That commitment we all make to keep in touch with the season is most imperative at this time in order to keep our senses and creations alight with inspiration.

For this reason alone the Refresh is here to excite and although it feels easy to take a few weeks off, our commitment to you has been made.

We will keep a continual drive of communication into your cells and those around you via our creative vibes so make sure you tune back in week after week.

Share the Refresh, celebrate its existence and join with many to keep that connection alive which mother nature so very needs, especially at this dull yet extremely creative month of the year.

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Week Comm: 23/12


With the end of the year, just a hop skip and a short leap away (cheeky) At this point it’s often a time for reflection as we dig deep into our thoughts as to what we have achieved these past 365 days gone.

Minds work in tandem throughout the year to be united as a team, moving forward together with a vision in front guiding us like the bright northern star.

There is no doubt as we all navigate through the year kitchen scenarios come to test our abilities to react, obstruction arrives in many forms to block our path & those instances of derailment can often occur.

One thing is for sure if you remain focused, energetic and most of all passionate about all you do you will most definitely find your team come through the clouds into the beaming sunlight at the other end of the tunnel.

Our creative trade is a passionate place to be, but the kitchen also brings troublesome times with skill set decline, people retention & a host of other challenges that arrive when you look after a group of creative minds in one small hot room.

We spoke to a fallen warrior the other day who has migrated away for a short period. It was an exciting, inventive and truly amazing conversation as we listened to the plans and thoughts for the year ahead. One thing struck our cells which sparked our senses as we glided off into the night.

Everyone has a plan; everyone aims to score a goal and make a change in the year ahead, it’s not the celebration of success or the excitement along the way that makes it worthwhile, it’s that sense of pride and fulfilment when we reflect on our journey once we arrive at a pit stop along the way.

Thoughts for the week ahead: Without reflection, we can easily go blindly on our way, creating more unintended consequences, while failing to reach our mission goals and achieve anything useful along the way. Remain focused, passionate and driven through the year ahead as its all:

For The Love Of Food
Evfdb Qer

Week Comm: 16/12

Blurry Eyes

We are not robotic, bionic or superheroes - No matter what we may think the time always comes when your complex system eventually shuts your lids so you can regenerate your cells.

As creative culinarians, it’s easy to get soaked up into that busy whirlwind which our career path often takes us on. It's easy to embrace the challenge in front; it's even easier to get so soaked up you easily forget anything else actually exists.

With such a busy period that our kitchens are now encountering its imperative, we rest our minds to ensure a level of sanity can take us over the hump into January.

We have all been in that situation of an elongated 24-hour shift when you just can't stop, but once the time comes to switch off we spark into overdrive as you frantically try to capture some sleep.

A note touched us this week which congratulated Delifresh on the commitment we have made to ensure we communicate every week with our followers all that’s most amazing.

After a few emails back and forth of thanks, we found out this dedicated refresh follower reads the refresh in bed late at night ensuring visions of food flow around their cells.

This captured our thoughts and stuck like putty as although the Refresh exists to communicate, its also used by many in ways we never even imagined.

Sleep exists so we can recharge, it doesn’t matter if you are a rabbit, an eagle, a human or even a carrot (weird) we all need some time to recover (oh I see what we just did).

Make sure you get adequate rest over this next few weeks to recharge your cells, have you tried reading the refresh in bed - Maybe your cells will thank you for it the morning after, Why not give it a try !!!

Thoughts for the week ahead: The bed is a bundle of paradoxes: We go to it with reluctance, yet we quit it with regret; we make up our minds every night to leave it early, but we make up our bodies every morning to keep it late.

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Week Comm: 09/12

Connection Trouble !!!

Reliance on technology was so very evident this week which possibly touched us all by the collapse of a mobile data network across the UK.

Seconds into the issue connectivity was cut causing carnage and instant panic for many as their handsets and connected software platforms across many industries collapsed due to lack of connection.

As a nation we all limped on trying our best to gain connectivity via WIFI but if you were one of the unlucky people to be out in the wild, you would have most definitely felt the pain or immense joy of a zero contactable day.

Modern technology now plays a hugely important role in all our existence as we can't go a single second without being touched by this most radical yet beneficial scenario.

When you take a step out of the kitchen, it's amazing to see even as creative culinarians we heavily rely on technology to get us through the day.

Can you imagine working through a shift without the ticket machine, self-cleaning oven, online connected dishwasher(really???) Even your stick blender can connect with you these days.

With such a reliance it's important we take time to understand every little thing about their presence, enabling us to get the best out of the technology at our very fingertips.

Times are rapidly changing and having that instant connection and on-demand ethos around all we do, will help us all to move alongside with the accelerating connected environment a kitchen actually is.

2019 is most definitely going to be an exciting and connected year especially if you are a regular delifresh Refresh follower!!!

Thoughts For The Week Ahead:
There is no doubt that technology is a double-edged sword. Just like fire it can cook our food bringing intense flavour and the true inner beauty to our senses, but can also burn, hurt and destory all instantly.

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Week Comm: 01/12

Meaningful Words...

As creative minds we often find ourselves in a situation where the heat is on as the pressure builds during service and our cells actively battle to get you through the situation with total organisation.

In the heat of the moment words may slip from your lips without notice which can often be very hard to fix the damage these vibes could easily cause.

With festivities flying towards us with lightning speed its important to remain focussed, connected and totally organised as we work our way through what for many is the busiest time of the year.

To relieve the pressure as much as possible Delifresh are here to help with your supplies throughout this busy period.

Our Christmas website is here with all the festive news you may require so if you haven’t already make sure you check it out. – (especially if you're in the need for Mince Pies or Christmas puddings)

Over the next few days we will be communicating our opening times on here and any order cut off restraints we have in place over the festive period also.

There is no doubt we will all be in the heat as we strive to excite our guests senses making sure thier plates are full of seasonal flavours when they come to visit our establishments.

We must unite and give them a Christmas meal to remember whilst making sure we equally get time to enjoy the period with our own families.

Weekly Thoughts :
Words are the most powerful force available to humanity. We can opt to use this force constructively with words of encouragement and excitement, or destructively using words of despair and hatred.

Words have energy and power with the added ability to help, heal, hinder, hurt, harm & humiliate but most of all to bring love and happiness to everyone they touch.

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Week Comm: 25/11

It's All In The Planning....

In such a fast-paced, active and most demanding environment which a kitchen is, planning is essential to make sure our teams are focussed, ready and excited about the mission that lies ahead.

Mother Nature likes to challenge our senses with irregular weather patterns, slow growth and in some cases no show crops - as for some strange reason things simply decided never to appear !!!

Making sure we are connected to the season is imperative to run that steady ship while giving us the ability to create some mind-blowing seasonal dishes for all to enjoy. No matter how well prepared you think you may be, there is always something that can crop up which will totally knock your senses offline.

Perhaps the scenerio you had gone over and over in your cells turns out to be severely different to what you thought it was going to be, or possibly something doesn’t have that flavour edge you had expected. These challenges come to evolve our senses and push us into a reactive state while we battle to ensure its service as usual.

If you ever require any further information around the season, a particular product, in fact, anything food related make sure you get in touch as we love to inspire.

Dont struggle with the season, or guess as to when things may arrive - Get in touch via any of our channels as we are availble 24 hours and will most definetly be able to help you on your mission.

Thoughts For The Week Ahead:-

It is not the strongest of the species that survive, or the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change.

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Week Comm: 18/11

Good Day ???

How many times through your existence do you get asked if you're having a good day ???

This common phrase is often a way of breaking the ice as you greet strangers or your colleges upon arrival for another day in the kitchen or while you are out walking the dogs.

This past week we bumped into a fallen warrior who for decades strived to perfect his craft on the plate making many people happy on his journey throughout his career. We didn’t mean to meet it was a surprise as we scurried along the kerbs going about our evening.

Once sights locked, the words have you had a good day instantaneously erupted to be greeted with NO – Shocked by the answer given we passed pleasantries and went home to check our lids for holes ready for the next day ahead.

The words No rumbled around our senses for a period as thoughts of mental wellbeing and the how as an industry we can make sure our teams day within our environment are enjoyed to their full. This thought rumbled on for a few days as we got snippets from people of how bad they thought their days were panning out.

It's easy to expect the correct answer to have you had a good day ??? It's even more comfortable not to actually ask the question and take the people you spend more waking hours with for granted.

Ensuring we all enjoy our working life can only bring a more enjoyable environment, it can only make our teams stronger as they too feel the buzz, as they enjoy their climb up that so very steep career ladder, making memories of their own on their journey.

As creative culinarians, we strive for perfection under such intense environments - Fun, safety and wellbeing of our teams is imperative to make sure when someone asks that question to our people their answer will always be – “I've had a great day”

Thought’s for the week ahead-
A Good day doesn’t have to be the day before your break; it doesn’t even need to be once a year on the day of your birthday. A good day should be every day; we shouldn’t let a bad day arrive once in a while.

Realistically we only ever have one bad day in our lives.(think about that) Open your lids to the day in front and embrace every second ensuring your craft and presence is enjoyed to its full by all around you.

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Week Comm: 11/11/18


As creative culinarians, we are a driven, determined and truly inspirational group of people.

The time of year is switching and with heartwarming dishes arriving onto menus throughout the north its that time of year where our creative drive is required, even more so as we battle through until some warmer rays appear over in 2019.

Living life on the edge is often the case as we navigate our way through our daily existence. Seasons come and go with rapid fire and it's extremely easy to find yourself ploughing every second of the working day into just getting through to the next sunrise.

Remaining proactive in such a reactive environment which a kitchen is, it's imperative a close team of people with a similar passion and drive is formed.

People flutter into our lives without warning bringing new ideas, creative flair and most of all a sense of evelovment for our teams, as new ideas are bound around bringing excitement and vigour to all they touch.

Embracement is required by all to ensure the best for our team is maintained, and the full benefit of our people is felt by all especially the food we place on the plate daily.

Have you ever had the opportunity to step out of the box and do something you so LOVE but rarely get the opportunity to capture the buzz of orchestrating ???

Riding a bike is often used as a scenario around once you learn the skill it never leaves you - it's not until you hop back on that saddle after some time away you remember how exciting, skilful and genuinely embracing the skill you hold actually is.

People, Passion, Skillset & Evolvement are all things relevant to our daily lives in a kitchen. Never forget the skills your team maybe hiding as they may just be waiting to showcase a hidden talent - let them feel that rush and give them the oppertunity to flourish - it could be just like riding a bike for them and you maybe pleasantly blown away .

Thoughts for the week ahead -
Motivation is the art of getting people to do what you want them to do because they want to do it - bringing a full circle of happiness into both your lives as you battle through to the next sunrise!!!

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Week Comm: 04/11

Let Them Sing !!!

This past week has been a time of reflection, planning and most of all inspired thoughts as we head deep into autumn and the rapidly approaching festive period.

Planning is a key driver for many, and as creative culinarians, we must all spend time reflecting, adjusting and most of all being proactive in keeping up with the seasons ensuring our minds and teams are refreshed at all times.

As we work through our lives its easy to see older beings becoming drained, devalued & in some cases aggressive as they spit and swear - shouting about how the world which in their eyes is crumbling all around them. At the same time, the younger generation is excited, busy inspiring their cells whilst making plans as they build a platform for their journey ahead.

This polar opposite is often forgotten and held back as its easy to do what's always worked; It’s even easier to become blind and contrary to new vibes. As an industry, its imperative we unite letting the younger generation flex their cells, let's embrace these new thoughts & guide them on their journey to become far better than ourselves and push the industry into the next galaxy.

The Younger generation needs to be able to sing, and although will require guidance during their chorus we should respect their fresh approach, new ideas and driven engagement - as this will only result in a brighter future while the youngster run the future show.

Delifresh is continually committed to spreading our Love Of Food as we push the seasonal message to all - Our veggiecation scheme exists to help drive inspired thoughts for our younger generation to offer them a step on that ladder that we all possible never had !!!.

Thoughts for the week ahead –
It's easy to forget others, cast away those inspiring thoughts. Let's build with our community, for our community and wait to see the most outstanding results as people unite together stronger than ever before to create a better future for all.

Maybe you know someone who needs some Veggiecation ???
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Week Comm: 21/10

Soak It Up....

Working closely with food during every second of the waking day brings challenging times for our cells as we continually adjust our skills and creations to simulate the seasons in every way possible.

As creative culinarians, our drive is to create and keep in front offering our guests the opportunity to be placed into a state of sheer excitement as your food touches their senses in many ways.

No matter which way you look at it our jobs are all around bringing memorable experiences to all as they fuel their veins in our presence but hopefully remember the experience for an elongated time.

Our brains are fine-tuned to be consistent, creative and so very committed to our skill and as we move through the slats on our journey opinions and criticism will most definetley be given on occasion. This continual hit of personal opinion is something our driven minds can manage in different ways, some criticism is positive, some not so and in some cases, people will judge for the sake of it.

We spend countless hours refining our skills making sure our teams are united and most of all we enjoy our work to its full. It's easy to become knocked; it's even easier to take criticism the wrong way or even in some cases retaliate as passion easily takes over.

One thing we should remember and place firmly in our senses if you have a goal be driven to succeed, become resilient to infection, be steadfast ensuring you reach the end point you require but most of all make sure you soak up any vibes along your journey as you will most definitely learn from all.

This past week we have spent time with warriors discussing this situation in depth as our trade is continually touched by platforms where free speech is promoted often by people who don’t understand your vision or are blinded by ego. We must learn from this and try our uttermost to push back so our opinions are heard and realised if we can do this on the plate rather than retaliation for all to see how powerful would that be ???

Thoughts for the week ahead

Remember: Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence. (For DS)

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Week Comm: 14/10

Sleeping Sweetness

As creative culinarians, we strive to perfect our skills on every occasion but one thing that we all must do from time to time is close our lids to regenerate our cells and check them for holes.

Some don’t like to admit that sleep is a period we all require and battle against their lids closing as our over-reactive minds create havoc with any form of pattern our body tries to give us.

Without any doubt, we all know sleeping is required so we can exist and truly become the best in all we do.

This is getting a tad deep we know but just think about the typical pattern of an overly creative mind which we hold as chefs.

It's easy to see how sleep deprivation can easily occur, we need to work together to make sure our teams are rested and energised as this is truly imperative to remain unique and so very creative in all we do.

Some may get a good period of sleep, some battle through the day with extremely little and others get to sleep easily but find themselves being ever so crazy while they are actually asleep !!!

This past week we bumped into another friend who holds a most demanding job with people in his team that simply don’t understand his mission.

Sleep deprived he carries on his commitment to succeed and build the bridge to bring his ever increasing team together to create food to the best of their ability.

Taking a step out of the box for a few moments the worry around the future was so easily noticable and although words of support and embracement will be a short fix for his mind, the fact that unless we keep our reservoir topped up with inspiration and our bodies in good structure slippage occurs easily and panic soon takes over.

Our thought for the week have been taken from our unplanned collision with our good friend.

If you have that feeling you may be losing everything - Just remember that most trees lose their leaves every year but stand tall, remain strong and steadfast while they wait for better days to arrive.

The leaves will most definetly return once again and bring with them a new season of happiness.

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Week Comm 14/10/18

It's A Long Way Down!!!!

As creative culinarians, we glide through each day in what sometimes can be complete organised chaos as the days rapidly approach and swing past us without notice.

Time is one of those things that can give us all so much pain but thinking outside of the wave we are all gifted with the same amount!!.

This past week we bumped into a fallen friend who took a terrible dive whilst being so very creative. The way we organise our brains and actions can be severely detrimental at times and without a secure and rewarding environment, it's easy to fall that oh so long way down.

The hospitality trade is renowned for tipping minds quite severely over the edge, as a continual effort, we all should unite and help battle the severity that such a situation could possibly bring.

As part of our commitment to the future generation of our trade to make their journey into our most rewarding environment seamless our pop veggiecation arrived in Newcastle college to inspire the minds of the future.

Witnessing these young and eager creative folk brought visions from the past of troublesome times when you are faced with something you have no idea about.

The delifresh veggiecation scheme exists to educate and bring a sense of realism and love for all thing’s food.

The excitment our veggiecation brings is amazing to see, these most dedicated young people are imperative to the succession of our trade and we should take every opportunity to help them on their journey. Enabling them to have a secure and educated entrance into our very creative and exciting world of the kitchen.

Maybe you know someone who needs some Veggiecation???

Here is a thought sparked from our fallen hero.

When you find yourself swimming you need to ensure your head is kept high, your legs constantly kicking and most definitely never give up.

Dig deep into your cells to extract the items you require and ensure when you get that feeling of sinking far too deep - reach for the top to be able to taste that oh sweet flavour that you get once you know you're free.

If there is one thing we should all remember it's this:

When you have the choice to be either Right or Kind, always choose KIND!!!

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Week Comm 30/09/18

Lost But Not Forgotten...

Days fly by rapidly as our creative vibes continual flood from our cells enabling the heartbeat of Delifresh to be felt by many across our lands and beyond.

It's amazing to witness the interaction of many that are touched by our love of food. This past week has brought visions into our minds of future tasks and dreams which will enable our Delifresh experience to be even more greater in future weeks, months & years to come.

Exciting times most definitely lay close for all our warriors and there is no doubt you will feel our strong, committed heartbeat no matter where your journey takes you in the future.

We know this is so very cryptic but exciting times lay ahead so make sure you are firmly close by to Delifresh and join in our journey as we start to build a most exciting experience for all.

We bumped into old friends this past week and without notice, they sparked our cells into action to investigate a new and most exciting idea. It's amazing that through our lives as creative culinarians we meet and become close to many, as our journies cross paths from the kitchen to kitchen.

We quickly lose contact as we drift apart but someday your cells drift back together and tales of old times start to flood through.

It becomes a tad radical when someone says something which captures your heart and sends your mind into overdrive and they don’t even know something has actually just happened!!

The season is on the change and as our dishes start to migrate into more heartwarming options you must remain creative and alert at all times – make sure you are continually refreshed and feed your teams minds, so they can learn from this most exciting switch of seasons.

By being given the opportunity for all to speak up, listen and learn will help develop deep relationships with all, plus give the opportunity to unite and share stories of old in the future. (building memories is so very important)

Here is a thought for the week sparked from our very good lost but now found friend!!!

A piece of driftwood may enter into your life one day, knowledge less and scared. It quickly becomes our duty to nurture this wood and make sure when the time comes for it to float away on it's onward journey it does so gliding away as a piece of polished oak - Remaining strong and committed along it’s journey.

One day you might bump back into line with this most glorious piece of polished oak and be oh so very proud…. (WD for you)

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Week Comm 23/09/18

It's The Shoulder Time Of Year

This week has been a rollercoaster of a ride.

In our existence as creative culinarians we all set off with a mission at the beginning of our week which usually changes without notice as the week progresses.

As a chef this is something that we have all grown to be able to manage and obtain great results from - This is a skill that most chefs hold and others gawp in awe as we react but remain proactive in our so very busy environments.

This past week we have witnessed new and innovative flavours, investigated new growing methods, reconnected with warriors who are roosting in for the autumnal months, planned and attacked a new online revelation, witnessed a severe change in the season, not to mention been touched by a sense of realism around all things alive and how so very short our lives actually can be.

It's most definitely been an exciting few days and as we strive to make sure all far and wide are touched by the Delifresh love of food - its imperative to remain creative at all times and this is why our Refresh is alive for all to see.

Whilst drifting into sleep last night thoughts around the season and this rapid change came flooding into our cells. This uncontrollable change is most noticeable at the moment as the trees are pushing hard to eject their leaves as they start to back down and reserve the energy for the fast approaching winter season. The conkers have all already dropped and its extremely easy to see the energy-depleting from the leaves.

Even as we type this a long gaze into the branches of the most awesome ancient oak tree opposite, we can see a cheeky squirrel with cheeks full of autumnal goodness in a desperate rush to capture as much food as possible to secure his future before the weather sets in.

It's easy to be drawn into the rush of the day to day drive, it’s even easier to forget about anything else that’s occurring outside of our creative vision. It's most imperative to take time to energise our minds which inturn enables our cells to perform at their best bringing radical results all around us.

Throughout our lives in the kitchen, it’s a long, long way to the top of our careers, it's even a longer way down if you ever fall !!! Bringing our minds in line to make sure we don’t get lost in another dimension is key to make sure we don’t become perplexed and don’t suffer that long way back if you ever get lost.

Too many times we see chefs implode as they simply can't take any more as they strive to remain focused. This is such a loss to our trade and happens way to often.

We work in an extremely demanding and creative sector and the people around us are imperative for us all to succeed - We must work together & nurture to ensure our teams have an enjoyable and educational journey. Together we can prepare (just like the squirrel) create and inspire our guests when they come from far and wide to taste and enjoy our creative seasonal celebrations.

Let's move forward into this fast approaching new season, inspired and ready for the challenge ahead but let's not forget the less fortunate who have been amongst us that sadly are now in an alternative Galaxy.

Let's be like the squirrel and get prepared for some severe exciting seasonal action.

For The Love Of Food....
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